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Aangan- Aapno Kaa Upcoming Story: Akash to humiliate Pallavi !

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Sony Sab’s popular daily soap Aangan-Aapno Kaa is currently delving into the Awasti family dynamics. In the last episode, Akash’s friends discover his job at the shop and tease him, leading to his embarrassment.

In the latest episode, a customer becomes frustrated with Akash’s sales skills and leaves the shop. Meanwhile, Monty asks Pallavi about a business idea, revealing their lack of funds. Monty mentions a potential investor to Pallavi, who later informs Akash about the opportunity. However, Akash receives a disheartening message from a friend about a job rejection.

As Pallavi discusses plans for a cloud kitchen, Akash reacts negatively and belittles her efforts, feeling pressured by his family’s expectations. Despite his desire to start an event management company, he faces financial constraints, forcing him to abandon his dreams.

In the upcoming episode, Deepika, Pallavi, and Tanvi will chat about Akash’s career, with Deepika showing interest in his event management venture. Varun arrives, boasting about being featured as a young entrepreneur in the newspaper. Later, Varun and Deepika propose investing in Akash’s company during a visit to the Awasti’s home.

What will Akash decide? Will he accept the offer? Find out in the upcoming episodes on for all the latest updates on your favourite Hindi shows.


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