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Aangan – Aapno Kaa Upcoming Story: Pallavi to confront Neeta!

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Sony SAB’s new show Aangan – Aapno Kaa is currently focusing on Pallavi being shattered by Jaydev’s decision to leave Delhi.

In the current storyline, Akash insults Pallavi after she rejects an offer, which upsets her. She refuses to explain the reason to Akash, and when a passenger misbehaves with her, she defends herself but is accused of misbehavior. This situation worries her as she fears losing her job.

Jaydev informs Pallavi about his plan to do organic farming in Chandigarh. Pallavi shares this news with her sisters, who are shocked to see a large amount of money transferred to their account by Jaydev. They confront Jaydev about it, but he refuses to disclose the truth, leaving Pallavi upset.

In the upcoming episode, Pallavi discovers that Jaydev and his belongings are no longer in the house. She cries, wondering if Jaydev has left her. She meets Tanvi, who reveals that Jaydev mentioned his plan to go somewhere. Tearfully, Pallavi tells Tanvi that Jaydev has already left.

During a party, Rahul informs Pallavi that he knows the reason behind Jaydev’s decision. Pallavi confronts Tanvi’s mother-in-law about her allegations against Jaydev. Pallavi questions why it’s wrong for her to take responsibility for her father when a son can, but a daughter cannot. Tanvi’s mother-in-law glares at Pallavi, leaving Jaydev looking sad. Meanwhile, Akash is present at the party, deep in thought.

Will Akash discover the reason behind Pallavi’s decision to reject the Dubai offer?

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