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Aangan Apno Kaa 12th December 2023 Written Update: Pallavi worries about Jaydev

Aangan Apno Kaa 12th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode begins with Pallavi and Jaydev sitting in a restaurant, feeling a bit sad as they see other people enjoying their time with their families. However, their mood brightens when Deepika and Tanvi join them. They all celebrate Jaydev’s retirement. During their conversation, Pallavi expresses her reluctance to get married. She tries to make Jaydev understand her perspective on marriage, emphasizing that she wants to take care of him just like he took care of his daughters. She also mentions how her sisters’ lives have changed after getting married, and she doesn’t want to end up in a similar situation. Jaydev tries to explain the importance of marriage, but Pallavi gets angry and argues with him, even shouting at the waiter. This upsets Jaydev.

Later, Pallavi watches a video of her mother, Aastha, who recorded it before her death. Aastha talks about Jaydev’s life as an orphan before she came into his life. She expresses her concerns about who will take care of Jaydev and their daughters after she’s gone. Jaydev arrives while Pallavi is watching the video and assures Aastha that he won’t let her leave him. However, Aastha tells him to accept the reality of her limited time in this world. They share a heartfelt hug. Pallavi gets emotional watching the video and promises Aastha that she will take care of Jaydev.

Pallavi notices Jaydev struggling with his shirt and helps him. She still refuses to marry him, which makes Jaydev mad at her. However, she gives him a retirement gift and makes sure he takes his medicine before leaving. Jaydev becomes happy when he hears Aastha’s voice from a tablet. He decides to search for a suitable groom for Pallavi but is reminded to go back to sleep. Pallavi complains to Ruchi about Jaydev pressuring her to get married and checks on Jaydev, who is sleeping. When Jaydev wakes up, he starts using the tablet to search for a groom for Pallavi.

The next day, Pallavi takes care of Jaydev’s morning routine before leaving for her presentation. She has a video call with her sisters and asks them to look after their father until she returns. Varun surprises Deepika with a cake and suggests she ask her father for money to start a business. However, Deepika gets angry and leaves for work. Meanwhile, Pallavi arrives at her workplace and assures her boss that she will impress their clients. She then works in the kitchen with Ruchi and others. She realizes she forgot to check on Jaydev, so she calls Deepika, who is busy. She talks to Tanvi and learns that she is also occupied. Worried, she asks Monty to check on Jaydev.

During the presentation, Pallavi appears distracted, and Ruchi notices. Ruchi decides to help Pallavi, and she expresses her gratitude. Pallavi then requests her boss to let her go home, and her boss approves. She reaches home but hesitates to open Jaydev’s room door.

Preview: Pallavi slaps a guy at a bar and discovers that Jaydev is involved in arranging the meeting. She demands Jaydev to delete her profile from the website, but Jaydev challenges her. Later, Pallavi’s new boss fires her from her job.


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