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Akshat Utkarsh dies by suicide in Mumbai; family suspects that he was murdered

Budding television actor Akshat Utkarsh was found dead in his Andheri apartment on Sunday night. The Police said that the 26-year old actor was found hanging from the ceiling fan. Police suspects the death to be caused due to suicide, though no note was found in the house.

The actor lived in Andheri with his girlfriend. She reported to the police that Akshat was having financial issues; however, the family of the deceased claims otherwise. They feel there has been some foul play as his father says that he sent Akshat money whenever Akshat needed it.

In the light of this, the Akshat’s family has alleged negligence in probing reasons and has claimed that Akshat, in no way could have committed suicide, but instead, he was murdered. The family took Akshat’s body to Muzaffarpur, Bihar, for the final rites.

Amboli police, who has been actively looking into the case, rejected claims of any kind of foul play and have gone ahead and registered an accidental death report. They stated that the preliminary investigation has revealed that Akshat was depressed due to the lack of work ever since the nationwide lockdown was imposed. However, a probe is currently underway.

Being an only child, Akshat came to Mumbai two years ago after completing his MBA, with hopes of making it big in the movie industry. The police have reported that Akshat spoke just three hours before his death. Post mortem reveals the cause of death to be asphyxia from hanging. Samples of viscera and chemical analysis have been sent forth to forensic investigation in Kalina and a report is awaited.


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