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Alia Bhatt is undeniably the hottest sensation on social media.

Alia Bhatt may have made it to the industry through the heavy weight her surname carries. However, she seems to have won hearts over the years not just because of that but because of her warm on-screen presence and her consistent high-performance acts. 

Alia Bhatt uses her social media platforms to share a slice of her life with her fans and to give them a glimpse of who Alia Bhatt really is, as a person. In her social media feeds, she is a cat lover and her cat is absolutely heart-warming. Her acting talent requires no introduction and her fashion sense seems to win hearts every time. She can get the paparazzi clicking behind her in a second. 

Alia Bhatt (Picture Courtesy : Instagram)

It could be pictures of her with her mother or her super fluffy cat – Alia just knows to win hearts. 

What is even more amazing about Alia Bhatt is the fact that she is generous and thoughtful. She uses her Instagram profile to create awareness among the fans. In her recent post, she shared: 


“Friendly reminder that washing your hands for 20 seconds does not mean you need to have the tap running for 20 seconds. In the midst of one global crisis let’s not worsen another.” 

That being said, this does not deviate the attention to just wise words from the actress. She even posts hot and sensuous pictures donning the best of attires to give her ardent fans some good eye-feasts. 

Alia Bhatt (Picture Courtesy : Instagram)

All in all, Alia is a wholesome package of entertainment peppered with some occasional pearls of wisdom. This makes her the hottest sensation online, undeniably so.


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