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Anupama 13th December 2023 Written Update: Pari’s birthday celebration

Anupama 13th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Kinjal reassuring Leela that the food she is giving Pari is safe and nutritious. However, Leela insists that as long as Pari is present, she will only eat the food prepared at home. Kinjal urges Pari to eat quickly so they can go and meet Anupama. Despite Anupama being present there, Kinjal expresses her desire to meet her first. Leela informs Kinjal about Vanraj’s restrictions. Anuj tries to console Anupama and promises to buy her gifts later, but Anupama surprises Choti by giving her a new art book. Malti Devi becomes annoyed when her plan fails.

Choti becomes jealous when she sees all the gifts. Kinjal tells Leela that it is wrong to stop Anupama and suggests that they celebrate Pari’s birthday the next day and invite Anupama as well. Kinjal adds that if Anupama doesn’t come, they won’t cut the cake. She suggests celebrating with the whole family. Anuj explains to Choti that Anupama bought extra gifts for Pari because it’s her birthday the next day. Anupama tells Choti to let her know what she needs, but Choti rudely says she doesn’t need anything and throws the art book away.

Titu dances and remembers the recent incident where Vanraj doubted his friendship with Dimpi. He notices Dimpi standing there. Anupama gives Choti the cake and gems to decorate it, and Choti happily does so. Anupama tells Anuj that she will go and meet Pari, disregarding Vanraj’s restrictions. Choti becomes upset again when she learns that the cake is for Pari. Anuj assures Anupama that he will defend her if Vanraj offends her. Titu tells Dimpi that he will return to Mumbai and asks if they can stay in touch. Dimpi agrees, and Titu takes a selfie with her before leaving.

Dimpi cries as she watches Titu leave, and Titu also sheds tears but tries to appear strong. Vanraj inflates balloons and announces that they will throw a grand party for Pari’s first birthday. Toshu asks Vanraj if he is still upset with them, and Vanraj says he understands their decision but asks them to keep visiting. Anupama prepares everything to take for Pari’s birthday, while Choti continues to feel insecure and jealous. Kinjal brings Pari to the birthday party.

Vanraj asks Leela to take a look and points out Dimpi standing next to Toshu and Pari. He mentions getting the cake from a luxurious hotel. Toshu thinks no one knows that Kinjal has invited Anupama and wonders how they will react. Anupama is excited to meet Pari. Choti sees the cake placed next to her in the car. Vanraj introduces Dimpi to his boss and his son. Kavya asks Kinjal if she’s waiting for Anupama, and they both hope she comes. Anupama remembers Vanraj’s decision and stops just before reaching the Shah house. Anuj calls her and tells her to turn back if her heart is not allowing her to go, but to proceed if her heart desires. The episode ends with Anupama expressing her gratitude to Anuj.

Precap: Both Anupama and Vanraj will place the cake on the table. Vanraj will taunt Anupama for coming without an invitation, while Malti Devi hopes Anupama faces embarrassment. Kinjal reveals that she has invited Anupama, but Vanraj asks her to send Anupama back. While the whole family celebrates Pari’s birthday, Anupama will be left alone.


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