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Anupama 6th December 2023 Written Update: Anu gets inspired by Pakhi

Anupama 6th December 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode of Anupama, Leela expresses her restlessness and says she wants to die before witnessing all these events. Hasmuk and Dimple try to console her. Anupama confronts Anu about her behavior, while Malti asks Anupama not to defend Anu. Anupama insists on knowing why Anu bullied Riya, but Malti takes Anu’s side. Anupama warns Anu not to misbehave, but Anu refuses to talk to her. Anuj intervenes and asks Anu to respond to her mother, revealing that he knows what Anu did to Riya.

Meanwhile, Romil and Nidhi discuss taking care of each other in the USA. Romil confesses his mixed emotions about leaving his family and becoming independent. Anupama and Anuj question Anu about her bullying behavior towards Riya. Anu explains that her friends refuse to associate with her if she becomes friends with Riya. Anupama tries to make Anu understand that she is in the wrong, but Anu remains stubborn. She accuses Anupama of scolding her because she is adopted and questions why Anupama doesn’t reprimand Pakhi for her misbehavior. Anupama is left speechless as Anu expresses her belief that nobody loves her.

Anupama and Anuj are left shocked by Anu’s words. Anupama recalls her past encounters with Pakhi and Malti becomes angry at Anupama for scolding Anu. Anuj blames Malti for failing to teach Anu good values. Anupama adds that Leela used to interrupt whenever she scolded Pakhi, which has led to Anu’s insolence. She requests Malti not to interrupt her again, leaving Malti stunned.

Meanwhile, Vanraj shares the news of his new job with Hasmuk, Leela, and Dimple. Kavya returns to the Shah household, and Anuj offers Anupama a cup of tea. Anupama wonders how Anu developed such insolent behavior and worries about the seriousness of Anu’s words. Anuj decides to find out who is influencing Anu’s behavior.

Malti convinces Anu that she is not at fault and proves Anupama wrong. She advises Anu not to apologize to Riya and tells her that Anuj sides with Anupama because he listens to her. Malti instructs Anu not to approach Anupama and Anuj until they apologize to her.

Later, Kavya informs the Shah family that she will soon move to a new house. Vanraj clarifies that nobody asked Kavya to leave the house, but Hasmuk suggests that Vanraj indirectly forced her to leave.

Anupama offers breakfast to Anu, who responds rudely. Pakhi taunts Anu for her realization, and Ankush asks Pakhi not to interfere. Anuj and Anupama ask Anu to make a sorry card for Riya, while Anu looks at Malti. The episode ends with a precap showing Pakhi telling Vanraj that Anupama doesn’t care about her and Vanraj inviting Pakhi to return to the Shah house.


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