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Anupama 8th December 2023 Written Update: Pakhi spots Dimple and Titu together

Anupama 8th December 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode of the popular show “Anupama,” Anupama reflects on Anu and Pakhi’s treatment towards her. Romil comes to meet Anupama and asks her why she is stressed. Anupama tries to lie but Romil assures her that children eventually realize their mistakes. He advises Anupama to smile and encourages her. Anupama remembers Samar when she sees Romil and he suggests that she can talk to him if she wants to. Anupama finds strength in herself.

Dimple is determined to attend an event and decides to talk to Vanraj about it. She asks Vanraj if she can go out, and he agrees to drop her off but insists on going with her. Meanwhile, Titu arranges tickets for a dancing group and eagerly tells Dimple about it. Dimple confides in Titu that Vanraj wouldn’t let her go alone. However, Dimple chooses her happiness and decides to attend the event, considering it’s Samar’s favorite dancing group. Pakhi returns to the Shah house and taunts Dimple, surprising her.

Leela informs Anupama about Pakhi’s return, and Anupama advises her to handle Pakhi calmly. Leela invites Anupama to come to the house, but Anupama remembers Vanraj’s request to stay away from Leela and Hasmuk. She refuses to go and asks Leela to handle the matter on her own.

Anuj asks Anupama about her conversation with Leela, and she updates him. Anupama suggests that Anuj talk to Malti and Barkha, who are adding fuel to the fire. Anuj decides to have a conversation with them.

Malti and Barkha discuss Pakhi, with Barkha stating that Pakhi is insolent and even manipulating Adhik. Barkha tries to instigate Adhik against Anupama, claiming that she wants to control Anuj’s empire. Adhik surprises everyone by taking Anupama’s side, praising her business skills. This shocks Anupama.

Dimple asks Vanraj if she can visit her friend, and Pakhi accuses her of going to see Titu instead. Dimple argues with Pakhi and manages to persuade Vanraj to let her go to her friend’s house, but he insists that she keeps calling him from there.

Anupama confronts Barkha and Malti Devi, warning them to behave and stop instigating Anu, Adhik, or anyone else. Anupama asserts that she can throw them out if they continue to disrespect the relationship. – Episode Ends.

In the upcoming episode, Pakhi will spot Titu and Dimple together, leading to Vanraj slapping Titu. Anupama will take Dimple’s side in the matter. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!


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