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Anushka Sharma speaks up about the accuse hurled at her by Gavaskar during IPL match

Thursday’s match may have gone sour for the Royal Challengers Bangalore, however, Captain Kohli wasn’t the only one who went to bed unhappy that night. Gavaskar, who was doing the Hindi Commentary passed some unsavory comments at Kohli by mentioning Anushka Sharma.

While the former cricketing legend was heavily slammed on social media, some even went as far as urging BCCI to take Gavaskar off the panel.

Anushka Sharma, being the vocal personality that she is stood up for herself on social media. The Bollywood star called out on Gavaskar’s comments and wrote out a lengthy post slamming him for making these unsavoury comments.

Sharma ended the post by saying that Gavaskar is a legendary cricketer who is respected a lot. However, she did go ahead and say that the comments thrown at her were simply “distasteful”.

This is not the first time when a cricketer’s wife has been dragged into social media trash talk just because their husbands underperformed at a match. Take a look at Anushka’s reply here.

Anushka Sharma (Picture Courtesy : Instagram)

On Thursday, RCB went down a humiliating defeat to the Kings XI Punjab, and as usual, the online deluge of comments began.

However, what has appalled a lot of cricketing fans all around the nation is the fact that Gavaskar has been a cricketer himself and that he, out of all, should have had the basic humanity to not let out such a comment about the family member of a cricketer. Gavaskar has been silent on the whole matter ever since the incident sprang up to social media attention.


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