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Arjun Rampal breaks silence about journalism in the current context; intends to drive attention to serious matters

The national media has sensationalised the SSR investigation and people are now starting to realise that there are more serious things that take precedence over the current investigation. Among a few people who have broken their silence regarding the matter happens to be Arjun Rampal.

He took a dig at the journalists and politicians in his latest tweet. On Saturday night, Indian Army managed to block an attempt which was made by the Chinese Army. His tweet read, “Why is everyone so quite [sic] about the Chinese, who keep inching into our territory? Is there any news which is more important than this? Where are the politicians and journalists now? Why so quite? #IndiaChinaBorderTension”

 Currently, news channels are going gung-ho about the whole investigation and playing parallel judicial bodies, stating out judgements day in and out. Apart from the SSR investigation, there happen to be very few channels posting regular updates about the ongoing Pandemic and there happens to be just no coverage about the rise in number of cases in India.

Rampal, through his tweet, tried to garner people’s attention to issues that are more important and personally relevant, than to gawk and render drama to an ongoing investigation.

Reaction to the tweet flowed in endlessly. Actress Tanisha Mukerji replied to Rampal’s tweet by saying, “Absolutely agree!” In the last couple of weeks, masses have digressed from issues that matter like falling GDP, nationwide unemployment, and the Indo-China border Tension. Lately, celebrities are using the influence they have to awaken the masses and have them focus on what really matters


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