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Arshad Warsi gets called out for Derogatory tweet about his Electricity bill.

Mumbaikars recently faced a massive spike in their electricity bills and that has everyone talking, even celebs. These bills are not over the usual prices but these bills are atrociously high for the month of June. Bollywood celebs including Taapsee Pannu, Huma Qureshi and Arshad Warsi, among many other celebs have taken to social media to express their ‘shock’.

Arshad Warsi, who garnered immense fame from the Munnabhai Movies, responded to some of the tweets online. One such tweet – which was a response to Huma Qureshi’s tweet – did not go down well with the electricity suppliers in Mumbai – Adani Electricity. 

When Huma Qureshi got an exponentially high bill, she took to social media and expressed her worry. She tweeted, “What are these new electricity rates? @Adani_Elec_Mum Last month I paid 6k .. and this month 50k?! What is this new price surge? Kindly enlighten us”

Arshad’s response to Huma’s tweet

Arshad  responded to Huma’s tweet by saying, “This is averaging the bill amount which is highway robbery. Considering the situation we should be paying the exact bill amount that we paid last year during the same months.” [sic]

The CEO of Adani Electricity slammed back at Warsi by saying, “Arshad Warsi’s statement was derogatory and was of a personal nature against a corporate leader. We connected to him immediately after it surfaced and requested him to revoke that tweet and he made another tweet after that and was convinced about his billing. But he is an influencer and he should not have used such language.”


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