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Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 8th December 2023 Written Update Neeta questions Aradhana-Malini’s relationship

Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 8th December 2023 Written Update on

In this episode, the groom arrives at the wedding venue. Jakruti points out to Aradhana where he is. Reyansh, hiding under the sehra, smiles at Aradhana and thinks to himself that soon Aradhana will be his. Bhakti looks at Aradhana and thinks that her daughter will never cry again. Everyone dances happily around them. Kiki approaches the groom, and it is revealed that Reyansh is behind the sehra. They both remember their plan and signal each other.

Neeta makes some rude comments about the wedding venue. She then sarcastically reminds Bhakti about the aarti they have to perform to welcome the groom. Bhakti agrees and asks Jai (Reyansh) to remove his sehra, which makes Reyansh and Kiki tense. Kiki suggests performing the aarti without opening the sehra, but no one agrees. Varun tries to open the sehra, but Reyansh stops him, surprising everyone.

The priest informs both Jai-Aradhana’s families that the time is inauspicious, so they should not open the sehra. A flashback shows Reyansh convincing the priest to lie to the family members. Reyansh worries that the priest’s poor acting skills may not convince them, but the family members believe it and agree to perform the aarti before seeing the groom’s face.

Neeta tells Jai (Reyansh) not to marry Aradhana, reminding him of what the priest said. Reyansh, in his mind, assures Neeta that Jai is not marrying Aradhana. Neeta gets upset seeing Aradhana’s name in Reyansh’s hand and expresses her disappointment, thinking it’s Jai. Varun and Akash calm her down.

Aradhana and Reyansh take their place in the mandap, and the wedding rituals begin. Aradhana is disturbed by Reyansh’s plea to her and Bhakti. She prays to God for strength to forget Reyansh. Everyone seems happy except Neeta. Varun and Akash encourage Neeta to accept Aradhana for Jai’s sake, but Neeta remains upset.

Aradhana and Reyansh hold hands as instructed by the priest. Aradhana senses Reyansh’s presence but convinces herself that she is imagining it. She is upset with herself for struggling to accept Jai as her life partner until now. She looks at her family members, who are all smiling, and tells herself that her love for Reyansh caused them pain, but Jai’s presence in her life brought them happiness, so she decides to marry Jai.

The priest calls Aradhana’s parents to perform the gadhbandhan ritual. Bhakti and Aradhana insist that Malini perform the ritual, and Aradhana faces questions from Neeta. Aradhana convinces Neeta with her answers. Then, the priest instructs the groom and bride to take pheras. During the pheras, Aradhana stumbles, and Neeta taunts her. Aradhana grows suspicious of the groom and removes the sehra. Everyone is shocked to see that Reyansh is the groom. Aradhana accuses Reyansh of planning to deceive her, but Reyansh defends his actions. The Khuranna family and Aradhana question Reyansh about Jai’s whereabouts. Reyansh informs them that Kiki will bring Jai there. Malini becomes worried. Meanwhile, Kiki meets Jai, who is tied up in a chair. She tells him that he will witness her madness and holds a pistol in her hand. Jai looks on.

Precap: Jai refuses to love Kiki, so she becomes angry with him. Varun informs Neeta that Jai has been shot, shocking everyone, including Reyansh.


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