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Dhruv Tara 1st December 2023 Written Update: Tara sends Dhruv to the 21st Century.

Dhruv Tara 1st December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Tara letting go of Dhruv’s hand and leading him towards the Samay ka Chakr (Wheel of Time). Tara notices that the wheel has started rotating and takes Dhruv away with her. Meanwhile, Surya Pratap arrives at the khandar (cave). Tara pushes a stone and closes the gate, trapping Surya inside. Surya looks for Dhruv but is unable to find him. However, he discovers Antara’s payal (anklet) in the cave.

Antara is back at Rajmahal. Meenakshi confronts Antara about her actions, expressing her disappointment. Meenakshi tells Antara that she unjustly punished Dhruv without consulting her. Antara clarifies that she didn’t punish anyone, but rather sent someone far away. Meenakshi asks Surya if he found Dhruv, to which he responds negatively. Meenakshi accuses Antara of committing a grave crime by punishing an innocent man. Surya questions Antara about her visit to the khandar. He acknowledges that Antara wouldn’t falsely accuse Dhruv, who had saved Shaurya’s life. Surya challenges Antara to defend herself. Antara admits that she went to the khandar to ensure Dhruv had been punished appropriately. Surya states that if Dhruv posed a threat to the kingdom, she should have consulted him before making any decisions. Antara argues that it wasn’t necessary to ask him. She believes that Surya sees Dhruv as a good man and wouldn’t have allowed his punishment. Surya expresses his regret for punishing Dhruv, as he saved Shaurya’s life. However, he remains unsure if Dhruv is alive or not. Antara interrupts him, preventing him from saying more. Shaurya, Surya, Meenakshi, and Antara are all upset and miss Dhruv dearly.

Shaurya looks at a picture of Kanhaji (Lord Krishna) and requests him to bring Dhruv back, referring to him as a magician. Shaurya asks Meenakshi to pray for Dhruv’s return and consoles her with a hug.

Antara prays to Kanhaji for Dhruv and confesses that she wasn’t worthy of his love. She hopes that Dhruv finds a good girl in his life.

Bhavosa tells Surya that she understands his unhappiness with Antara’s decision, but she believes it was necessary to protect the kingdom. Bhavosa praises Antara’s intelligence and her dedication to her responsibilities. She assures Surya that Antara will become a great queen who will benefit the kingdom. Bhavosa advises Surya not to prolong his anger towards Antara.

Surya tells Shaurya to sleep as it’s late. Shaurya expresses his disappointment with Maasha (Antara) for sending Dhruv away. Surya assures Shaurya that he will soon get answers to his questions.

Surya notices that Antara is sleeping in the temple and is about to hurt herself with a sharp pin. He saves her by holding her head with his hand throughout the night. Antara wakes up and realizes that Surya had protected her from the pin. She expresses concern for his well-being, but Surya dismisses it. Antara assumes that Surya is angry with her, but also acknowledges that he saved her. She believes that Surya is taking their exchange of garlands during Diwali seriously and has started to develop feelings for her.

Precap: Surya and Antara disguise themselves and fight with some dacoits in a village. The dacoits attempt to harm Antara, but Surya comes forward and gets attacked instead.


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