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Imlie 11th December 2023 Written Update: Biswa offers money to Ammaji

Imlie 11th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Shivani discovering from Agastya that he is going with Imlie to help her renovate her home once again. Imlie is delighted to hear that Agastya is accompanying her.

Amma ji happily instructs everyone to quickly get into the car and head to the factory. Navya feels jealous seeing the Chaudhary family happy again. Navya tells Biswa that the Chaudharys will once again take over their father’s factory. Biswa reassures Navya that he won’t let that happen.

Imlie arrives at her home with Agastya. Imlie asks the contractor where the laborers are. The contractor informs Imlie that no laborer is willing to work without advance payment. Imlie gives half the payment to the contractor, but he tells her that she has only given him half. Imlie assures the contractor that she will pay the remaining amount after the work is done. However, the contractor insists that the laborers will only work after receiving the full payment in advance. Agastya gives the contractor a blank cheque and instructs him to start the work and write down all the expenses on the cheque. Imlie regrets Agastya giving the cheque, but he tells her that she can pay him back later. Imlie expresses her dislike for keeping track of money transactions, and they have a funny argument. Imlie ends up sending the contractor away without paying him. Agastya questions Imlie why she sent the contractor away without payment. Agastya asks Imlie if she really wants to build the house.

The police officer informs Biswa that they didn’t find any photos at the crime scene. Biswa explains that the photos may have burned in the fire. The officer suggests following Imlie, but Biswa refuses and says he will take care of her. Meanwhile, Imlie and Agastya start the construction work together. Amma ji arrives at the Chaudhary Sweets factory with the rest of the family, filled with joy and happiness.

Agastya asks Imlie where he can find water to mix with the cement. Imlie shows him a borewell and explains that it’s their only water source for the house. Agastya realizes the hardships faced by Imlie’s family. Amma ji tries to open the gate, but some men stop her and say she can’t open it. Agastya builds a rainproof roof for Imlie. He then receives a call from Sonali regarding the factory matter and rushes to the factory with Imlie.

Amma ji tells the men that she is the owner of the factory and they have come to inaugurate it. The men refuse to let them start the factory and snatch the keys from Amma ji. Amma ji tries to stop them, but one of the men pushes her. Agastya catches Amma ji and asks if she’s okay, assuring her that he will take care of everything. Agastya confronts the man and demands an apology from him on behalf of Amma ji.

The man apologizes to Amma ji and Agastya. Agastya questions why they are being stopped from opening the factory. The man explains that they are not the sole owners of the factory. He reveals that half of the shares belong to investors who want their money back before allowing them to start the factory. Agastya asks the man about the investors, but he refuses to disclose their names.

Biswa congratulates Navya for driving the Chaudhary family out of the factory. Biswa tells Navya that she has become a co-owner of the factory and will eventually become the full owner, while the Chaudharys will be left with nothing. Avi asks Navya about the rest of the sweets, and Navya tells him to help himself without asking.

Agastya informs Sonali that they need to return 2 crore to the investors in order to start the factory. Imlie suggests that they need to show the investors that they have big orders to prove their capability. Navya arrives with Biswa and offers 2 crore to Amma ji. Rajni advises Navya not to take the money, but Imlie asks Biswa where they got such a large sum of money. Agastya stops Imlie from asking further questions and learns that Biswa had saved the money. Amma ji returns the money to Navya. Agastya assures Amma ji that he will arrange the money and start the factory.

Amma ji warns Agastya not to resort to any illegal activities to start the factory, holding him responsible for any consequences. Imlie tells Bulbul that she has an idea to earn money, but she doesn’t reveal it to anyone before starting the work. Agastya suspects that Imlie may consider working at a bar again.

In the upcoming episode, Imlie goes to meet Biswa and discovers a mask at his house. She starts suspecting that Biswa is the killer.


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