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Imlie 5th December 2023 Written Update: Imlie makes Agastya digs the well area to find bracelet

Imlie 5th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Shivani apologies Imlie . Shivani tells Imlie that she was once mistaken and the way she thinks that Imlie is a gold digger. Imlie will get suprise to listen to the pledge gold digger. Imlie tells Shivani that she heard about this pledge previous. Imlie asks the that means of gold digger from Shivani. Shivani tells Imlie {that a} gold digger way the ladies who at all times need cash. Imlie asks Shivani what pledge is old for the boy. Shivani tells Imlie that she doesn’t know. Imlie tells Shivani that it’s now not honest as a result of when a boy needs gold in dowry that is thought of as to be rituals .

Shivani tells Imlie she was once a troll when everybody will get to learn about her ex boyfriend and Sonali has to reduce the home. Sonali tells Shivani that previous she old to suppose Imlie is her enemy however she was once mistaken. Imlie tells Shivani that each and every future bias has been completed with ladies simplest. Imlie tells Shivani that in the event that they tied arms nearest all of them will educate classes to boys. Shivani tells Imlie that Agastya is a contemporary boy and the way he thinks this kind of mistaken factor about Imlie. Shivani tells Imlie that she goes to offer the bracelet again to Navya and can tells everybody concerning the fact. Shivani tells Imlie that she’s going to asks Agastya to apologise alot. Imlie tells Shivani that she’s going to educate Agastya a lesson nowadays.

Imlie do a pretend name to Pallo simply to mindful Agastya that she has hides the bracelet. Agastya asks Imlie the place is the bracelet. Imlie tells Agastya that she don’t know concerning the bracelet. Agastya tells Imlie that he’ll take a look at her telephone. Imlie denies to offer her telephone to Agastya however Agastya took the telephone from her hand. Agastya reads the message that the bracelet is buried alike the bore neatly. Agastya tells Imlie that her pondering is similer to used thief. Agastya digs the bore neatly section and Imlie makes a laugh of him. Agastya is not able to reveals the bracelet and he asks Imlie once more. Imlie tells Agastya that she has buried within the that section. Agastya digs extra deeper and in finding that the bracelet is buried so he put it out and tells Imlie that he’s going to go back again to Navya.

Agastya comes to go back again the bracelet and sees that Navya is giving the bracelet to Shivani. Shivani tells Agastya that the bracelet is located and it’s was once right here simplest within the alternative farmlands. Agastya hides the bracelet and Imlie tells that what was once he doing along with her bracelet . Imlie tells Agastya that the bracelet in his arms belongs to her and he or she have to test his room now. Imlie tells Agastya that he’s thief. Rajni tells Agastya to switch the garments. Sonali tells Rajni that Agastya will get a pristine interest of gardening. Imlie and Sonali giggle on Agastya.

Imlie welcomes Agastya and tells him that he’s a gold digger. Agastya tells Imlie that she is pronouncing him gold digger. Imlie tells Agastya that he has dig to seek out the gold that’s why she is asking him gold digger. Agastya tells Imlie that she is taking backup from Sonali and Shivani simply to stick right here. Imlie tells Agastya that she is able to signal the break-up papers however she have some situations. Agastya tells Imlie she will be able to upload more cash in her pledge. Imlie writes within the pledge that Agastya that she won’t known as her with alternative identify and provides her recognize for one week.

Agastya additionally writes within the pledge that Imlie won’t lie him additional anymore. Imlie snatches the papers and writes that Agastya will remark about her population anymore and he or she needs so as to add extra issues however nearest at future Amma ji arrives at their room and tells Agastya that Shivani’s in-laws are going. Agastya tells Amma ji the he’s coming unwell. Amma ji walks away and will get faints. Agastya and Imlie tries to conserve Amma ji however Amma ji restrain them to conserve her and tells them that she is ok. This supremacy Agastya and Imlie dissatisfied. Imlie indicators the break-up papers. Imlie tells herself that she’s going to healing the disorder between Amma ji and Agastya.

Navya tells Amma ji that she old to suppose they know every alternative from previous. Navya takes a reduce together with her sons. Agastya screams Biswa and tells him concerning the crosses picture of Imlie he present in automotive windshield. Agastya tells Biswa that the killer is difficult them and tells Biswa to aim tougher to seek out the killer.

Agastya needs to understand why the killer is concentrated on Imlie. Biswa tells Agastya that he need to reveals additional info Imlie like buddies, enemy and her moment. Biswa asks Agastya that if know the rest about Imlie’s moment. Agastya tells Biswa that he’ll asks Imlie and let him know. Biswa thinks that Agastya don’t know the rest about Imlie’s moment and he was once blaming Imlie for stealing the bracelet. Biswa thinks that one thing is fishy going round of their marriage.

Agastya asks lmlie about her. Imlie tells Agastya that he has running as detective. Agastya needs to understand the whole thing about her moment. Imlie tells Agastya that she old keep in sitapur together with her royal population in her royal space and one age a dacoits come and kills her population in holy. The dacoits kills everybody and beats her grandfather. Imlie tells Agastya the tale of Sholay film. Agastya tells Imlie that she is telling him the pack of Sholay film. Imlie tells Agastya that he is cunning. Agastya tells Imlie to not funny story with him. Imlie tells Agastya that she won’t say the rest about her as a result of he isn’t her moment or year. Agastya tells Imlie that he needs to understand concerning the killer and save her.

Imlie makes a laugh and tells Agastya that she isn’t his duty. Imlie tells Agastya that she’s going to proceed later one week. Imlie sees Bulbul from her window and runs to peer her. Agastya asks Imlie the place is she going. Imlie tells Agastya that she’s going to to mention to police the place she goes however now not him.
Bulbul enters Karam’s room quietly and wakes Karam. Bulbul tells karam that he was once now not choosing up her telephone screams and her mom is pressurizing her to abort the kid. Bulbul tells Karam to marry her rapid.

Karam ensure Bulbul that he’ll tells his population in right kind future. Karam asks Bulbul to proceed. Imlie tells Karam that he’s the daddy of Bulbul’s kid and Karam tells Imlie to not intervene as a result of he already ensure Bulbul that he’ll marry her quickly.
Imlie collect all of the population participants and apologizes Karam for his misbehave. Imlie tells Karam to name his female friend Yashvi as a result of she needs to get him marry.

Precap- Biswa is the hidden masks killer and he was at Imlie’s space to seek out about her .


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