Jennifer Winget, Hina Khan, and Nia Sharma show how sneakers are to be stylized.

Sneakers, when worn well, can amplify your look exponentially. Whoever said sneakers offer you a very childish outlook and not a super-sexy look never saw TV actresses donning sneaker looks and looking absolutely stunning in those. 

Jennifer Winget, Nia Sharma and Hina Khan, with their sneaker looks gave everyone impeccable fashion goals to look up to. 

Jennifer Winget

Apart from being the ideal character onscreen, Jennifer Winget is always the fashionista. You just cannot seem to get enough of following her fashion trends because she has all the right combinations to make anyone grow envious. 

In this look, Winget rocked the shoot with her red suit and pant look with Sneakers and this could just be the next best trend everywhere.

Jennifer Winget (Picture Courtesy : Instagram)

Hina Khan

Speaking of fashion, you just cannot keep Hina out of the action. Not only has she established herself as a top TV icon, but her fashion sense has categorised her to be a fashionista all the more. In this look, Hina Khan pairs a cool denim outfit with sneakers and the look could not have looked hotter. 

Hina Khan (Picture Courtesy : Instagram)

Nia Sharma

I mean, who can even not speak of Nia when you discuss fashion? She always seems to get her ensemble inflammable and just the right combination of things makes her the right icon to follow for fashion goals. In this look, she paired a red jacket with white shorts and those flaming red sneakers went absolutely well with her look. Check it out here

Nia Sharma (Picture Courtesy : Instagram)


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