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Katha Ankahee Upcoming Story: Raghav’s decision to make Katha-Viaan emotional!

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Sony TV Entertainment’s show Katha Ankahee is currently portraying Katha realizing that she cannot live without Viaan, which surprises Viaan.

In the ongoing storyline, Raghav attempts to make Katha understand that the love between her and Viaan is unconditional. However, Katha refuses, stating that she has no regrets about moving forward with him and suggests they focus on it.

The Earthcon family learns about Viaan’s decision to leave for Paris, but they are unwilling to accept it. Viaan fails to convince them, and even Ehsan refuses to assist him in this matter.

Aarav expresses remorse to Katha for his past aggressive behavior and promises to return to his previous self, which brings out Katha’s emotions. Katha offers advice to Aarav, who in return asks for a promise from her. Katha agrees but later breaks down when she is alone. Viaan pleads with Vanya to accept his decision, but Vanya remains angry with him.

Katha prepares for her marriage registration with Raghav, but she receives a call from Ehsan, causing her to rush to meet Viaan. In front of Raghav, she expresses her love for Viaan and apologizes to Raghav for not heeding his advice until now. She also mentions that Raghav and Ruhi will be her family, but her love is solely for Viaan, which shocks him.

In the upcoming episode, Raghav will show a ring to everyone and inform Katha that it is the ring that Viaan gave her. Both Katha and Viaan will smile, and Viaan will make Katha wear the ring. Raghav’s family and Aarav will arrive at the scene.

Katha will hold Aarav’s hand and tell him that if he has any issues with her or Viaan, he should express them. She also emphasizes that they are a team and should not leave each other. Aarav, Katha, and Viaan will gaze at each other.

Will Aarav accept Viaan back into his and Katha’s lives?

To find out what happens next, stay tuned to this space for more updates.


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