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Kavya 6th December 2023 Written Update: Rajiv warns Adi

Kavya 6th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Anjali questioning Rajiv about why he is putting a wet towel in the cabinet. Rajiv, relieved that Kavya was saved at the last moment, tries to convince Anjali that Kavya is simply following her principles and there is nothing more to it. Anjali persists and asks Rajiv how he would react if Adi is in Kavya’s heart. Rajiv firmly states that he will never allow Kavya to become a part of Pradhan’s family, reminding Anjali of the harm Giriraj has caused them.

Kavya reminisces about the recent events and Mayank approaches her, asking what happened. Shyly, Kavya reveals to Mayank that she has fallen in love with Adi.

Anjali attempts to change Rajiv’s opinion about Adi, highlighting that he is a good person, but Rajiv remains steadfast and refuses to listen.

Later on, Mayank learns from Kavya that she and Adi are in love. Mayank suggests that Kavya should meet Adi and advises her on how to sneak out of the house. Kavya follows Mayank’s advice, jumps over the compound wall, and coincidentally lands on Adi.

Surprised, Adi questions Kavya if she is trying to kill him. Kavya playfully teases Adi and asks him why he is there. Adi explains that he came to meet her since she wasn’t answering his calls. Kavya denies making any calls and Adi shows her that her phone is on flight mode. Realizing her mistake, Kavya admits she was being foolish. Adi agrees with her. Adi then asks Kavya if she spoke to Jayadeep. Kavya reveals that she no longer has the bangles that symbolize her marriage to Shubh. Adi feels ecstatic upon hearing this and expresses his excitement. Kavya urges Adi to calm down and leave, promising to meet him later.

As Adi tries to start his bike, it fails to start. Rajiv inspects the bike and fixes the issue, revealing that there was trash stuck in the cylinder. Adi tries to come up with an excuse for his presence, but Rajiv thanks him for stopping Kavya from ruining her life. Adi admits that he never wanted to be an IAS officer in the first place, prompting Rajiv to make a comment about him.

Rajiv warns Adi to keep his distance from Kavya to ensure she remains focused on her goals. Kavya joins Rajiv, and he leaves. Adi shares with Kavya how Rajiv warned him, and she explains that Rajiv is angry because Giriraj warned him as well. Kavya reassures Adi that Rajiv needs some time to accept their relationship, and Adi agrees.

The episode ends.

Precap: Kavya starts her new job and takes on her first case. However, her colleagues assume she is inexperienced and advise her to rest.


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