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Kumkum Bhagya 10th December 2023 Written Update: Rajvansh and Purvi are stuck in a trial room

Kumkum Bhagya 10th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Bina realizing that she made a slip of the tongue. However, she quickly covers it up by saying that she was just joking about the price of the dress. Bina takes Ashutosh aside and asks him why he didn’t tell the salesman to show a cheaper dress beforehand. Bina also makes a comment about Purvi not being the daughter of a rich father.

Meanwhile, Krishna rings Prachi’s doorbell, but when she opens the door, she finds no one there. Krishna then stops Ashutosh’s aunt and asks if he can make a phone call from her phone because his battery is dead. Ashutosh’s aunt invites Krishna into the house and offers to charge her phone. Krishna explains that he already rang the doorbell, but no one came out. Ashutosh’s aunt agrees to help and brings Krishna to Prachi’s house. However, Krishna decides not to go inside and asks Ashutosh’s aunt to charge her phone outside. After her phone is charged, Krishna makes the call and thanks Ashutosh’s aunt for her assistance before leaving.

Prachi is shocked to hear Ranbir’s voice and goes to check it out. However, she doesn’t find him and sees him getting into a cab.

In the meantime, Purvi selects a dress and goes to try it on. Bina asks the salesman to show a cheaper but good-looking lehenga. The salesman agrees and shows a less expensive dress to Bina.

Prachi comes out of her house and searches for Ranbir, but he is already gone in a cab.

Harleen talks to Dadi, who is in the trial room. Harleen asks Dadi to come out, but Dadi comments on it. Rajvansh chooses a dress for Harleen and Dadi. Harleen calls Rajvansh and asks him to come to her location because Dadi is not coming out of the trial room. Rajvansh promises to be there soon. When Dadi finally comes out, she takes Harleen with her to look for clothes.

Prachi returns home and asks Ashutosh’s aunt about the person who came to their house earlier. She wonders if it was Ranbir, but Ashutosh’s aunt confirms that it wasn’t. Prachi continues her search for Ranbir.

Purvi enters the trial room, and Rajvansh also goes in, looking for Dadi. They accidentally bump into each other, and Rajvansh apologizes to Purvi, explaining that he thought his Dadi was inside. Bina and Ashutosh then enter the trial room and ask Purvi to try on a lehenga. Purvi agrees and goes inside.

Rajvansh stops Purvi from mentioning him to Ashutosh and Bina, explaining that it might create misunderstandings. He emphasizes the importance of respecting women and mentions that he has a sister. Purvi admits that she never thought about it from that perspective.

Meanwhile, Diya video calls Purvi and is surprised to see her and Rajvansh together in the trial room. Purvi quickly ends the call, realizing the situation. Diya decides to go to the shopping mall.

Prachi thinks about Ranbir and becomes emotional.

The episode ends.


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