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Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story: Shanaya to spot Varun with Alia!

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In the popular Zee TV series Kundali Bhagya, Shanaya will see Varun with Alia and share this information with Kavya. Will Kavya start to suspect Varun? Find out more below.

In the recent events, Palki apologized to Rajveer for interrupting him while he was stressed about a meeting the next day. Rajveer reassured her, expressing his fondness for taking care of her. Curious about why Karan harmed himself, Palki inquired, and Rajveer explained that it was due to his anger issues and lack of trust in Karan. Grateful for his presence in her life, Palki thanked him.

Meanwhile, Nidhi advised Karan to distance himself from Preeta for her well-being. Karan assured her that he was not trying to trigger Preeta’s past memories deliberately. The following day, Rajveer resolved to confront Anshuman for his actions against the Luthras. When Karan and Preeta arrived at the hotel, Rajveer instructed Karan to ensure Anshuman confesses his misdeeds.

Shanaya confronted Palki, accusing her of tarnishing her reputation in front of the Luthras. Palki defended herself against Shanaya’s sudden doubts about her intentions.

In the upcoming episode, Anshuman will ask Rajveer to let him keep a file, questioning if Rajveer had a change of heart. While Karan and Palki watch this exchange on CCTV footage, Shanaya will witness Varun together with Alia and report it to Kavya.

What is Varun’s connection with Alia? Will Kavya address Varun regarding this matter? Stay tuned to discover the answers to these intriguing questions in the forthcoming episodes of Kundali Bhagya.

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