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Lucky Ali astonishes the Internet with his classic ‘O Sanam’ acoustic video

One of the most prominent Indie-Pop artists of India, Lucky Ali has again astonished the Internet with his soulful voice. Blessing every playlist of 90’s music lover, Lucky Ali has surged within social media with his evergreen ‘O Sanam’ song’s acoustic version. Lucky Ali is seen performing this melodious track in a short 2-3 minute video. People on social media are rhapsodizing over this masterpiece. This unplugged version of one of the most heartfelt songs out there is enough to soothe your soul.

The video recorded by Saad Khan, photographer by profession, was shared on YouTube. The video is monochromatic and it features Lucky Ali playing guitar with donning a black jacket, trousers, and skull cap. Although the video went viral recently it was uploaded on 6th November 2020.

The most overwhelming and heartfelt moment in the video is observed when Lucky Ali sings “nazron se na ab humko giraana, mar bhi jaye (don’t let the image fade in your eyes, even after I die)” and pauses for a moment as he is evidently whelmed by emotions. Saad is also perceived to encourage him as Ali continues to sing the song.

Expectedly, the Internet has gone gaga over the video and it is evident with the amount of traction, likes, and awed comment section. Twitter has also been quite buzzy with this video being among the center of conversation recently.

Lucky Ali shared this clip as well for his fans on the photo-video sharing platform, Instagram. Fair to say, Lucky Ali has provided the most-needed melody break after this year’s harsh events.

There’s not a single long drive or road-trip without Lucky Ali in the playlist. Hope these masterpieces of the Master-Lucky Ali will not be grounded deep into the weight of the internet and the younger generation munches on it!


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