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Makers of Insidious brings the #1 US Horror movie, THE VIGIL to India for OTT release

PictureWorks has acquired the rights of THE VIGIL, a Horror film starring Dave Davis, Menashe Lustig, and Malky Goldman for its digital release in India on Amazon Prime Video. Written and directed by Keith Thomas, the film is about a man named Yakov (Dave Davis) who is hired by his old Rabbi to watch over the body of a recently deceased community member and has to survive a night tormented by a demon in a spectacular chiller. Rooted in Jewish culture and mysticism, THE VIGIL is a supernatural Horror film set in a unique world: The Hasidic community of “Boro” Park, Brooklyn

THE VIGIL is an extraordinary Horror film that comes from Blumhouse Productions, the makers of many more such spectacular films like the Paranormal Activity franchise, The Invisible Man, Insidious franchise, The Purge franchise, Halloween franchise, Happy Death Day franchise, Split, Glass, and Ouija franchise among others. THE VIGIL has been ranked at #1 Horror movie of all time by USA Today and is also rated at 90% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with 109 Fresh reviews.


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