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#Mumbai trends after city plunges into power outage for hours

In an unusual situation today, Mumbai experience a citywide power outage. For a buzzing city like Mumbai, this was quite unprecedented. The said power failure is said to have happened due to a grid failure. 

As the city slowed down to a halt post the outage, people obviously had time on their hands which took them to Twitter. Several residents reached out to express dismay by posting tweets out about the power outage that got #Mumbai trending on the social media platform. 

Amitabh Bachchan tweeted on his official Twitter account: 

“T 3688 – Entire city in power outage .. somehow managing this message .. keep calm all shall be well ..” 

On the other hand, Junior Bachchan took matters on a lighter note and posted a funny meme that read, “Why is everyone so surprised? It’s 2020. Someone had to switch the power off…” 

To add his touch to the meme posting, he hash-tagged it with #YouGottaLoveTheInternet

While some took to the internet to lighten the mood, others took it to be a fine chance to take a dig at bitter rivalries. Actress Kangana Ranaut who has had a recent row with Shiv Sena over the last couple of months took the chance to take a jibe as she wrote “#Powercut in Mumbai, meanwhile Maharashtra government क-क-क…….कंगना “

While sharing that, she shared a picture of Kunal Kamra and Sanjay Raut sharing a lighter moment holding a toy bulldozer. 

To follow up with the Powercut, power minister Nitin Raut said that the restoration is underway and will take one hour. Amid the power failure, Tata Power shares crashed by 2 percent.


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