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Nikkie gets nostalgic about her childhood days and Reveals she wanted to become a doctor once

Childhood is one of the best periods of our life where we not just had some of the most amazing moments but had different dreams about our future. During our childhood, we all must have dreamt of taking up a particular profession in the future. Things were no different for Nikkiey Chawla who happens to be India’s first transgender model. Recently, she got nostalgic about her childhood days and stated that she wanted to become a doctor at one point.

Talking about the same, Nikkiey said, “I had questions about almost everything. I was also inclined towards music, watching Madhuri [Dixit Nene] ma’am on TV. Watching dance, music, and acting, and actors wearing different clothes in different colors was something I enjoyed and wanted to do. Though I also wanted to become a doctor once I guess showbiz was my true calling since the very beginning”. She also stated that she wanted to step out of Punjab, however, her parents were a little apprehensive. “I wanted to get out of Punjab and explore the world. All the problems that were going on inside me or in my school, I couldn’t share with anybody. So, I got to know about new hotel management courses back then and wanted to join them but my parents didn’t allow me to,” Nikkiey added. 

Sharing about her parents, she adds that her father used to keep busy with work. He was a banker. “My mother runs her own business. She is always multitasking; I have learnt that from her. She managed her business and her three kids. She attended parent-teacher meetings, cultural programmes in school and all. The way she took out time for us is really commendable. I adore both my parents,” Nikkiey stated.

Earlier, Nikkiey had grabbed the eyeballs after she had called herself an ideal choice for Bigg Boss 15. “I think I am a complete package for Bigg Boss. I can make people laugh, cry and most importantly entertain everyone with my antics.,” she added. Nikkiey also believes that the platform of Bigg Boss will be a life-changing opportunity for her.


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