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Parineetii 10th December 2023 Written Update: Parineet promises to Sanju

Parineetii 10th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode of Parineetii begins with Sukhwinder asking Neeti about her well-being. Neeti assures her that she is fine, but insists that Sanju should leave. She doesn’t want his help anymore. Sukhwinder questions Neeti’s sanity, reminding her that she was once deeply in love with Sanju. Sukhwinder advises her to move on and find someone better than Sanju. Neeti believes she only has two options: either fight for Sanju and win him back from Parineet, or move forward with her life. Meanwhile, Parineet notices that Sanju has returned and comments on his tired appearance. She offers him food, mentioning that it’s his favorite – a dish Gurpreet had cooked for him in the past. Sanju realizes that Parineet is the only one who truly cares for him, as she waited for him to serve the food.

Back with Sukhwinder and Neeti, Sukhwinder tries to console Neeti, telling her that crying won’t change anything. She reminds Neeti that if Sanju truly belongs to her, Parineet won’t be able to take him away. Neeti reveals that Parineet has been pretending to help her and has become like a surrogate mother to her. The family members have started prioritizing Parineet and the baby, which upsets Neeti even more. Sukhwinder suggests that Neeti should eat something, but she refuses.

Sukhwinder advises Neeti to reconsider her hasty decisions. Neeti confesses that she thought Sanju still cared for her, but she no longer sees the love in his eyes. She feels that her life is over and that she has ruined it. Neeti breaks down in tears, and Sukhwinder urges her to rest.

Meanwhile, Parminder and Babli discuss how Sanju has accepted Parineet. They believe that Neeti and Parineet used to have a good understanding, but Neeti’s actions have ruined everything. Parminder declares that they must fight for their rights. On the other hand, Sanju opens up to Parineet about Neeti’s attempts to harm her. However, he acknowledges that Neeti still cares for him. Parineet defends Neeti’s anger, understanding that it stems from her hurt. Sanju advises Parineet not to let anger blind her and emphasizes the importance of controlling it. He expresses his gratitude to Parineet for always supporting him.

Sanju assures Parineet that he didn’t agree to marry her as a means of revenge against Neeti. He admits his past mistakes and states that he genuinely wants to give Parineet the rights she deserves. He asks her not to back out of the wedding and she promises him she won’t. Meanwhile, Neeti has a nightmare and looks at her wedding pictures, hoping that Sanju won’t marry Parineet and leave her. Sukhwinder comforts her and suggests they visit the temple the next day to seek blessings from Mata Rani.

The following day, Sukhwinder asks Neeti to pray to God. Neeti prays for the return of her beloved Sanju. Neeti’s friend notices Sanju’s arrival and expresses surprise. He admires their love and confesses that he has started believing in love because of them. Sanju tries to avoid him. Meanwhile, Parminder requests the priest to begin the religious ceremony, and Sanju’s friend urges Neeti to sit with him.

The episode ends with Neeti telling Sanju that Parineet will pay for her actions. However, Sanju scolds her in response.

Precap: Neeti warns Sanju that Parineet will face the consequences of her deeds, but Sanju reprimands her.


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