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Poonam Pandey fulfills her promise to team India; shares special picture online

Poonam Pandey has been on the headlines for her bold demeanour and her controversial promises. She essentially rose to fame due to her promise she made to the Indian Cricket team all the way back in 2011 when she promised she’d take all her clothes off if India won the world cup.

That being said, when India did win the world cup, Poonam Pandey did not live up to her promise and seemed to have ducked out back then. However, now, Poonam Pandey is celebrating India’s victory. Poonam has recently shared a photo of her going to the semi-finals of India which did not take too long to go viral on social media.

Poonam Pandey (Picture Courtesy : Instagram)

In this picture shared by her, she looks bold and beautiful and seems to hold no hesitation at the loss of clothes on her body. For further information of those reading this, the video was first shared online by Poonam Pandey after the India vs West Indies match.

Poonam Pandey has made it evident that she is a die-hard cricket fan and that she will flaunt her support in every possible manner for the team to perform better and better each time. She happens to believe that such promises by her prove to express her support and also offer some incentive for a win.

Poonam Pandey (Picture Courtesy : Instagram)

As a model, this happens to be her contribution to the game and for her fans all around the world, this seems to create a lot of hype. Poonam Pandey is known to be fearless in the face of objection towards her content.


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