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Pushpa Impossible 13th December 2023 Written Update: Juggal bids the chawl members goodbye

Pushpa Impossible 13th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode unfolds with Bapodhara’s innocent mistake, urging Susheela to call Chirag for breakfast. Rashi and Susheela observe the situation, and Bapodhara skillfully covers up his error.

Juggal contemplates the recent events where Pushpa and her family persuaded him to stay. Despite Pakiya’s request to stay, Juggal feels it’s necessary to leave. Pakiya, promising Gurudakshina, agrees to make a special patoda saree for Pushpa.

In an emotional farewell, Juggal seeks blessings from Kaku and takes leave, expressing his gratitude. He gifts Pushpa a symbolic tamarind, urging her never to lose the childlike joy in her heart. Pushpa decides to accompany Juggal to the station, reminiscing about their past during the auto ride.

Meanwhile, Sonal reassures Deepti that her father will convince Ashwin to work with him. Manish persuades Ashwin to accept his offer, emphasizing the importance of the presentation. Ashwin, eventually agreeing, leaves Deepti impressed. Pushpa, missing Juggal, receives a call from the hospital, learning about Dilip’s imminent discharge. Worried, Pushpa rushes to TanaBana.

At TanaBana, Pushpa is shocked to hear Dilip’s stable condition despite nurses gossiping about his lack of response. Deepti, accompanied by Sonal, visits Pushpa’s house, unaware of the recent developments. Pushpa reveals Ashwin’s recovery and Dilip’s impending discharge, expressing concern about finding a place for him. Rashi suggests using TanaBana’s room, but Pushpa fears Bapodhara’s objection.

As the sanatorium prepares to bring Dilip to the chawl, Bapodara vehemently opposes his stay in the chawl, setting the stage for upcoming tensions.

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