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Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 5th December 2023 Written Update: Damini joins Trivedis team

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 5th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

In this episode of Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan, Shiv realizes that the bomb is missing from his bag. Radha hands over the bomb to him, assuring him that she kept it safe. Damini, determined to stop the terrorists, notices Radha, Mohan, and Shiv’s interaction. She informs them that she is on their side. Worried about not getting married before dying, Damini suggests Mohan do something. Mohan comes up with an idea and asks Kadambari to pretend to have a heart attack. Shiv and Radha also request Kadambari to act.

An officer expresses anger over Shiv becoming a hostage and emphasizes that they cannot let the terrorists escape. Kavita suggests sending the army inside once Radha, Mohan, and Shiv replace the bomb.

Kadambari starts her act, and Mohan joins in. Bunty asks Mohan what happened to Kadambari, and Mohan explains the heart attack acting. Mr X arrives, and Mohan asks for his help. Mr X instructs Shiv to treat Kadambari. Bunty questions Mr X’s decision to save Kadambari when the passengers are going to die. Mr X explains that if the passengers find out they are going to die, they might resort to violence.

Shiv examines Kadambari and determines that she is in critical condition and needs to lie down for treatment. Mr X tells Shiv to take Kadambari inside. Shiv takes Kadambari inside, followed by Radha and Mohan. Bunty tries to stop them, but Radha and Mohan refuse to leave. The terrorists keep a close watch on them. Shiv tells them to leave, and Radha curses the terrorist, telling him he will go to hell. The terrorist finally leaves.

Trivedis and Shiv search for the bomb. Radha finds her bag and takes it, while Mohan retrieves the bomb from the bag. Mohan suggests they destroy the bomb.

Mr X notices a terrorist flirting with Tina and scolds them. She warns that the Trivedis should not see the bomb. She heads towards the business class. Damini stops Mr X and asks her to kill Radha. Mr X agrees. Damini mentions that it won’t be easy and reveals that she killed Mohan’s first wife. Mr X pushes her aside and leaves.

Radha instructs Shiv and Mohan to replace the bomb. Shiv replaces the bomb, and they resume their act. Mr X arrives and takes the bomb bag. She checks the bomb and expresses relief that the Trivedis did not see it. Radha hands the bomb to Shiv, who places it back. Mr X appears again and escorts Trivedis and Shiv away.

Mohan tells Radha that the terrorists can’t kill them now. Shiv warns that they are still not safe, as the duplicate bomb is still in the business class. He suggests it’s time to face the terrorists directly. Mohan agrees, and Mr X notices their behavior, suspecting they are up to something. Mr X decides to activate the bomb.

Mohan states that he and Shiv will keep the terrorists occupied while Radha handles Tina. Damini insists on helping them. Mohan instructs Radha and Damini to handle Tina while he and Shiv take care of themselves. Mohan and Shiv fight the terrorists, while Radha and Damini go inside.

Mr X scolds Shiv and Mohan, blaming them for the potential death of the passengers. She shows the bomb to everyone, shocking the passengers. Mr X threatens to activate the bomb if Shiv and Mohan don’t leave the terrorists. The passengers plead with Mohan and Shiv to leave the terrorists. Mohan explains that the bomb is a duplicate, but Mr X accuses him of lying. She insists on showing them proof but realizes she can’t activate the bomb. She remembers how Shiv took Kadambari inside and realizes they did something to the bomb. She points her gun at Mohan.

The episode ends.


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