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Rabb Se Hai Dua 5th December 2023 Written Update: The police arrest Dua

Rabb Se Hai Dua 5th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with the inspector informing Dua that she is being arrested for allegedly pushing Hina out of the window. Haider objects, stating that she is innocent. However, the inspector orders the constable to arrest her, ignoring the fact that they have already provided bail papers. Haider argues that she cannot arrest Dua, but the inspector dismisses his concerns, stating that since Hina has testified against Dua, she must be arrested and spend time in jail. Haider stands his ground, saying that she cannot arrest his Dua. The inspector retorts, questioning Haider’s attempt to teach her how to do her job. Haider then boldly challenges her, stating that if she arrests Dua, he will ensure she gets arrested as well. Concerned for Hina’s well-being, Dua asks Haider not to go to jail with her, as Hina will be left without anyone to care for her. However, Haider promises to stay by Dua’s side and take care of Hina too. Gazal reveals that Haider is willing to sacrifice himself to save Dua from arrest.

Hina pleads with the inspector not to arrest Haider, emphasizing that he hasn’t done anything wrong. Gazal, on the other hand, tries to manipulate Hina against Dua. The doctor advises Hina to avoid stress, but the inspector orders the constable to arrest both Haider and Dua. Gazal pleads with the inspector not to arrest her “Haider,” but Haider corrects her, stating that he is not her husband and asks if she has really done all this for their good. He blames Gazal for his mother’s current condition and vows never to forgive her. Hina insists that her son shouldn’t be arrested, as he is innocent. Dua reassures Hina that Haider will be fine, but Hina pushes her away, blaming her for everything and asking the constable to arrest her. Hina then confronts Rahat about the divorce threat, causing a scene. Dua requests the inspector’s permission to speak with Haider alone, causing Gazal to worry about Dua’s intentions.

Dua tries to convince Haider to let her go to jail alone, expressing her love for him and urging him to think about Hina’s safety. Haider, torn between his love for both Dua and Hina, promises to take her out of jail as soon as possible. Dua asks Haider to take care of Hina, while Gazal observes their conversation with suspicion. Dua then tells the inspector that Haider will not stop them from arresting her, as she is willing to face the consequences. Ruhan questions why Dua should go to jail when she hasn’t done anything wrong, and Dua reassures him that the truth will come out soon, and the real culprit will be punished. Gazal requests the inspector to treat Dua harshly, hoping to create a spectacle. Haider objects, stating that Dua won’t run away and that she should not have put herself in this situation. He vows to prove Gazal’s guilt and punish her severely. Ruhan even threatens to harm Gazal. The doctor testifies against Dua, and the inspector proceeds to arrest her.

End of the episode.


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