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Somy Ali: “I’m obsessed with Mr. Robot, yes I have a crush on Rami Malek”

Many of us know about actor, activist and humanitarian Somy Ali. But how much do we know the real person? That she is a complete homebody and enjoys listening to audio books are things about Ali many are not aware of. “I use bad words all the time in both Hindi and English. I am an introvert and love being at home. I disassociate the minute I know one has been unfaithful/backstabber with friends and intimate relationships,” reveals Ali adding that she enjoys watching TV in her bedroom.

“I love documentaries and also watch biographies of various individuals who left their mark both in good or bad ways. I’m obsessed with Mr Robot too. Yes, I have a crush on Rami Malek… I like listening to audio books. I am huge fan of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and have listened to all her books. I am now listening to The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison,” she adds. Talking more about her bedtime habits, Ali shares that she makes sure to floss and brush her teeth, remove makeup and listen to at least a chapter of a book before going to sleep.

“My favourite side of the bed is left as it’s closer to the bathroom. In case I have to use the loo, which is usually required whenever I drink wine before going to bed (laughs again).  On my bedside table there’s iPhone charger and a notebook titled Manifesting My Dreams. The last thing I do before going to bed is check my emails,” adds Ali, who loves having hard boiled eggs and avocado or smoothie for breakfast that she prepares herself.

While she does not have a day or night time prayer, but she is spiritual side. “I believe in doing good and right,” she says. There’s more, Ali also opens up about her other preferences. “I like gymming over anything else. The 40’s are rough. I need to work out every day. But I have my cheat days too when I gorge on chicken fried rice. I will go for sarong any day and love being at my home in Miami than anywhere else in the world. And, I let bygones be bygones,” she adds.

The relationship rules she follow are unconditional love and harboring no secrets. “I am open from my side so he too should not hide anything, starting from his Pincode,” says Ali. She feels #incorrigible describes her best, but of course, for all good reasons.

And what’s the coolest thing about being an activist? “Living life on the edge and feeling like a badass. Saving lives is a drug like no other. It’s the most selfless thing I could have ever done. It makes me feel amazing,” she wraps up the heart-to-heart conversation.


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