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Suhaagan Upcoming Story: How will Bindiya tackle the situation?

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Suhaagan is gearing up for more drama as Payal has already begun her pregnancy charade. Payal is scheming against Bindiya, creating tension and suspense in the show.

In the previous episode, Payal untied Dadi’s hands and instructed her to harm Kaveri. Payal accused Bindiya of being a wicked individual and claimed that she was Kaveri. Confused, Dadi mistook Payal for Kaveri and began strangling her.

Amidst the chaos, Payal cried out for help while Bindiya tried to intervene. She managed to distract Dadi and Payal made her escape. However, Dadi locked Bindiya inside a room, leaving everyone shocked. Payal and Dadi stood on the balcony, with Dadi threatening to push Payal down.

Payal desperately called for assistance and Krishna rushed to help her, but Dadi stopped him. Indu blamed Bindiya for the situation, but Baldev eventually freed her. Bindiya successfully convinced Dadi that Payal was the real threat, prompting her to tie Dadi’s hands.

In the upcoming episode, viewers can expect Dadi to chase Payal with a knife, intending to harm her. However, Bindiya will step in between them, potentially saving Payal’s life. Later, Bindiya will express to Baldev that they should not leave the house, while Payal will try to persuade Indu to let Baldev and Dadi stay but not Bindiya.

What will happen next? Will Bindiya expose Payal’s true intentions to Krishna? And will Krishna develop feelings for Bindiya?

To find out the answers to these questions, continue watching the show and stay tuned to for exclusive updates on your favorite Hindi shows.


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