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Sunny Leone shares pre-gym precautions to help you shed the lockdown weight.

We are all there right now, sailing in almost the same boat. We are all loosening our belts a couple of notches and wondering if we could ever lose this weight, often followed by a few expletives to the virus and how it has disrupted your workout routine entirely.

However, there isn’t much to fret about at the moment as Sunny Leone shares her gym precautions so that you can avail the gym services with minimal exposure to Coronavirus.

Sunny Leone (Picture Courtesy : Instagram)

Sunny Leone is headed towards US even amid the lockdown so that she gets to be with her kids and has been lately enjoying life to the fullest looking at how busy, hectic schedules have suddenly, exponentially slowed down.

Gyms have opened up there almost after 3 months and Sunny Leone could not keep herself away from the action. She shared her experience online and captioned it with, “After 3 months, finally the gym is open!!”

Sunny Leone (Picture Courtesy : Instagram)

However, eagled-eyed fans could not help but notice the precautions taken by Leone. The most evident one being the face mask donned by her, it is clear that Sunny does not want to be at risk when it comes to the virus.

Here are a few things you need to remember before you get onto the gym bandwagon.

  • Wear a mask
  • Wear gloves and do not touch your bare face with gloved hands. You can always carry spare gloves if need be
  • Carry a towel and spray a sanitizer to disinfect any gymming equipment you are about to use
  • Ensure your gym does not allow too many people in at once, as maintaining social distancing is crucial
  • Sanitize your hands after every workout


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