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Teri Meri Doriyaan: Upcoming Story Angad to buy a gun to kill Daljeet

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The popular show Teri Meri Doriyaann on Star Plus TV is going through some exciting twists as Daljeet tries to humiliate Manveer. Daljeet breaks a glass and tells Angad to clean it up, resulting in Angad injuring his hand. When Daljeet instructs Manveer to clean the mess, Angad stands up for himself, refusing to involve his mother. Daljeet blames them for his current situation, leading Manveer to agree to clean up. However, Sahiba intervenes, defending Manveer and prompting Daljeet to reconsider his actions to avoid upsetting her further.

In the upcoming episode, Manveer becomes concerned when Angad doesn’t return home. Garry contacts Sahiba to inquire about Angad, but she has no information. Meanwhile, Angad is shown purchasing a gun with the intention of targeting Daljeet.

What will unfold next? Will Angad be able to protect Sahiba and Akir from Daljeet’s threats? Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes to discover the answers to these burning questions. Keep an eye on for the latest updates on your favourite show.


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