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Teri Meri Doriyaann 16th December 2023 Written Update: Sahiba enters the police station in disguise

Teri Meri Doriyaann 16th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode starts with Seerat lying to Sahiba about going to Hotel Fandom Park to meet Pinky and her husband Monty. Seerat also mentions that Jasleen saw her at the hotel. However, Seerat later denies being there, which confuses Jasleen. Jasleen confronts Seerat about her lie, to which Seerat explains that she thought Jasleen would be upset if she knew she was meeting her friends from Shimlapuri. Sahiba then asks Seerat about her bracelet being found in their cupboard. Seerat comes up with a reason for it, but Manveer warns her that if she’s responsible for leaking the documents from Angad’s locker or if Garry is alive, she will face severe consequences. Akaal asks Sahiba if she’s certain that the bracelet belongs to Seerat, and Sahiba confirms it. Seerat maintains her innocence, while Jasleen also comments on Sahiba’s accusations.

Meanwhile, Megha calls YashRaj and informs him that Angad is refusing to sign a statement regarding his involvement in creating the fake identity of Sunny Sood. YashRaj instructs Megha to do whatever it takes to make Angad sign the statement. Megha agrees and decides to use force to make Angad comply.

In another scene, Angad shows Yash a vintage watch and explains its significance. Yash, however, refuses to wear the watch as he has been wearing the one gifted by his mother for the past 25 years. Yash reveals that the watch serves as a reminder for him to seek revenge against the Brar family.

Garry also expresses his desire for revenge against the Brar family but admits that his actions were driven by a desire to make his late father proud. Garry questions the significance of Angad signing the statement, as Yash assures him that it won’t matter since Angad will end up in jail regardless.

To gather information, Sahiba disguises herself as an old lady and seeks the help of a tea vendor to meet Angad in jail. The tea vendor agrees, and Sahiba enters the police station disguised as a tea supplier. Sahiba manages to reach Angad without being noticed.

Sahiba wakes up Angad and they have a conversation. Sahiba witnesses Angad’s mistreatment in the police station and decides to talk to Megha about it. However, Angad urges Sahiba to prioritize finding out more about Mannat, as she is the weak link in Garry’s team. Sahiba gives Angad a shawl and leaves.

Megha requests tea from Sahiba, unknowingly talking to her. Sahiba quickly escapes from Megha’s sight and gets onto a van, asking the police officers inside to arrest her. Sahiba then confronts Megha in front of a crowd, questioning her authority to torture Angad without any evidence. Megha also faces backlash from the crowd, and Sahiba warns her that she will file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission if she harms Angad again. Megha and the police officers retreat inside.

In the preview of the next episode, a lady officer arrives at the Brar mansion with the police, announcing that the house will be auctioned as payment for Angad’s crimes. Sahiba faints, and Gurleen suggests that she might be pregnant. Meanwhile, Inder sarcastically comments that they are hearing news of having a son when they are about to become homeless.

And that concludes the episode.


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