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Teri Meri Doriyaann 27th December 2023 Written Update: Yash captures the Brar family.

Teri Meri Doriyaann 27th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Inder realizing that Sahiba is the only one who can stop Angad. He quickly goes to call Sahiba for help. Meanwhile, Garry attacks Angad with a rod, but Angad manages to snatch the rod from Garry and hits him back.

Jasleen desperately pleads with Sahiba to intervene and put an end to the fight between Angad and Garry. Jasleen fears that Angad might kill Garry if the fight continues. However, Manveer makes a snide remark about Jasleen.

Sahiba steps in between Angad and Garry to stop the fight. Angad, filled with rage, tells Sahiba to move aside. Sahiba advises Angad not to stoop down to Garry’s level and reminds him that violence is not the answer. She takes the rod from Angad and throws it away. Jasleen tells Angad that she understands his anger and even offers to sacrifice herself if it means sparing Garry’s life.

In the meantime, Yash Raj arrives at the Brar mansion with bulldozers. He instructs his men to prevent reporters and the Brar family from entering the premises.

Prabjyot becomes worried, thinking that Yash Raj intends to demolish their house with the bulldozer. Yash Raj confirms her suspicions and taunts Angad, asking him who is to blame for his current state. Angad points to his son, indicating that he is responsible for his injuries.

Garry admits to Yash Raj that he was the one who attacked Angad. Yash Raj scolds Garry for engaging in a physical fight and reminds him that there are other ways to handle conflicts. He urges Garry to think like a Baweja.

Yash Raj orders his men to move the bulldozer forward, while the Brar family stands in its path to protect their home. Jabjyot takes a step forward but falls to the ground. The family rushes to Jabjyot’s aid.

Angad, Sahiba, and Jasleen do not go near Jabjyot and manage to avoid being captured by the crane. However, the rest of the Brar family gets ensnared in a net.

As Angad tries to fight back, one of Yash’s henchmen strikes him on the back of his head with a stick. Angad falls to the ground and struggles to get up. The bulldozer continues its course and demolishes the compound wall.

Sahiba attempts to stop the bulldozer, but Yash’s henchmen pull her away. Meanwhile, Jasleen enters the Brar Mansion but unfortunately slips and falls down the stairs, injuring herself.

Gurleen informs everyone that Jasleen and Sahiba are still inside the Brar mansion and urges them to leave immediately.

The episode ends.

Precap: The upcoming episode shows Jasleen trapped inside the Brar mansion. Garry pleads with Yash to stop the bulldozer as Jasleen is still inside the house. However, Yash refuses to halt the bulldozer and advises Garry to control his emotions.


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