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Titlie 26th October 2023 Written Update: Titlie asks Garv to marry Megha

Titli 26th October 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Garv regretting signing the parting papers and thinks how he can do that with Titlie. The endmost additionally involves room and asks him identical.. Garv says Titlie it’s her who compelled him and now they’re executed. Titlie reminds Garv that all through seven vows he had promised to spend seven lives along with her. She holds Garv’s face and questions why he’s doing all of the drama and pushing her away. Titlie questions Garv why he’s performing to not love her. The endmost says that each one that is what center desires.

Garv says Titlie that she is the illness and no longer ready to grasp what he has been announcing. He says he has already proved that he has went away via signing the parting papers introduced via her. He turns round and asks Titlie to release. Titlie once more asks Garv if he in reality desires her to release. Garv says sure and yells silently. She helps to keep having a look at him. Chintu yelps Dhara and says he loves her so he’s going to do no matter she desires for her happiness. He says he’s going to sacrifice himself for her and marry Drishti. Drishti involves cafe and asks Chintu why he has referred to as her.

Megha pulls Maina inside of room and questions her why she is doing all this. She warns her to avoid Garv..Megha reminds Maina that it used to be her who begged her to avoid wasting her son’s moment. Megha threatens Maina to show her if she does anything else. Maina asks Megha if she isn’t abashment to clutch any person else’s husband. The endmost asks Maina if she didn’t really feel abashment to clutch her personal sister’s husband. Maina says she regrets errors she did however she is certain that Garv loves most effective Titlie.

Chintu tells Drishti that he desires to marry her. Titlie tells Garv that she’s going to release each space in addition to his moment next one paintings. Garv thinks his center will crack perceptible her release however he’s going to settle for all of the ache for her happiness. Titlie pulls Garv along with her and yelps all people participants there. Dhara comes there and says Drishti that she has disagree illness along with her marrying Chintu which makes her glad. Titlie says its her extreme while in the home. Garv says his emotions for Titlie used to be no longer love however simply his false impression.

Megha says that they will have to permit Titlie to release. Titlie says ahead of that Garv has to hurry vows across the holy fireplace with Megha. Megha thinks Titlie is silly and made it simple for her to get Garv. Maina begs Garv to block his moment from getting spoilt. Titlie thinks she is aware of Garv can’t marry someone else. Chiku asks Titlie why she is given up like this. Titlie asks Garv why he takes such a lot to marry his personal love. Megha pulls Garv apart and tries to govern him once more the usage of Titlie’s happiness as a bait. The episode ends with Titlie asking Garv to inform reality to her or to marry Megha.

Precap Garv will ask Titlie why she isn’t escape him. He’ll query why she is respecting him such a lot and desires to stick with lowlife like him.


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