Vaani Kapoor goes on a virtual date to raise funds for daily wagers.

Covid-19 pandemic has impacted many. Daily wage workers have felt the heat the most as they have been devoid of their daily source of income making sustenance an impossible affair for them. In the light of such occurrences, Bollywood seems to have stepped up to the crisis. 

Popular actress Vaani Kapoor will go on a virtual date to raise money which would go to daily wage earners while the country scorches amid the after effects of the pandemic. 

Vaani Kapoor (Picture Courtesy : Instagram)

“As human beings, we will need to come forward and support as many people as possible in the need due to the coronavirus pandemic in the country. I’m doing my bit to support the daily wage earners of our country and their families who are in dire situations given the lockdown,” said Vaani, explaining her benevolent motive behind the virtual dating idea. 

According to the rule, five winners will get the chance to meet Vaani virtually. 

She further added, “My activity, in which five lucky winners can have a virtual date with me, will see us collect funds to help feed them and their families across the country.”

Vaani Kapoor (Picture Courtesy : Instagram)

The funds raised like this will provide hot freshly cooked meals to wage earners and their families. Each meal ideally costs Rs 30 and will be delivered across various areas of Maharashtra, Bangalore and Chennai. The meals are specifically designed to offer thorough nutrition and be wholesome. This basically would comprise of staples like rice, daal, vegetables and chapatti. 

To carry this endeavor forward, Vaani has paired up with actor Arjun Kapoor’s sister Anshula’s online fundraising platform – Fankind.


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