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Want to look hot at parties? Anveshi Jain teaches us how to nail it.

Making waves in the industry with her stunning looks and her sensational fashion ideas, Anveshi Jain seems like a force to reckon with. She has, time and again, wowed the paparazzi with her amazing fashion ideas and her fashion posts on social media handles are like gasoline to fire.

Today, we decode Anveshi’s fashion sense so that you too can recreate those stunning looks to up your party game and to slay those #OOTD posts.

Anveshi’s party outfit tips

  1. Sequins never go wrong

If you thought Sequins are over the top, well, think again. Sequins, when paired with the right accessories and simple attire easily become the show-stopper at whichever party you go.

  • Stylish formals

Who said formals are only for work? If you are a party animal like Anveshi Jain, you got to work hard on that dance floor, and the comfort of formal attire might come in handy there. Simple formal attire paired with bling makes you the perfectly dressed person at the event.

Anveshi Jain (Picture Courtesy : Instagram)
  • Sneakers are universal

Anveshi will never shy away from wearing sneakers to occasions. This not only adds to the girlish charm she holds but adds a very college-like twist to her attires, quite seamlessly so.

Summing it up

It is only a matter of time before you get hooked on to such seamless fashion sense, courtesy, Anveshi. And these looks needn’t be too expensive as well. if you have your way around with older clothes, you can mix and match and make yourself the eye-candy at the next party coming your way – well, whenever that may be


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