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WTF Wednesday: Indian Idol 12 makers have been EXPOSED big time thanks to Amit Kumar

Indian Idol, the popular singing reality TV show, seems to have taken a huge blow which has come at the hands of its guest and singer Amit Kumar, son of legendary singer Kishore Kumar. There have been many times when Indian Idol 12 came under the scanner. From faking narratives about contestants to shedding crocodile tears, the Neha Kakkar, Himesh Reshammiya and Vishal Dadlani hosted show has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. However, unlike the previous incidents, Indian Idol 12 has apparently been exposed and there’s no escaping for the makers this time around.

The weekend episode of Indian Idol 12 was graced by Amit Kumar as the guest. The episode was supposed to be a tribute/homage to Kishore da. The contestants performed on Kishore Kumar’s iconic songs and the show’s judges Neha and Himesh along with Amit were simply blown away by their performances on stage. There was also a segment where everyone on the set was asked to sing a Kishore Kumar song picturised on actors such as Rajesh Khanna, Rishi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan.

From host Aditya Narayan and the judges to contestants and Amit Kumar, it seemed like everyone was having a great time on the sets crooning to Kishore Kumar songs. But the bubble was brutally burst by the unhappy and angry viewers who slammed the makers of Indian Idol 12 left, right and centre for what they felt as an ‘insult’ to the legendary singer.

If that was not enough, Amit Kumar himself came out in the open to say that he didn’t like the episode and desperately wanted it to stop. He was also aware of the backlash that Himesh and Neha faced on social media by ruining Kishore Kumar songs by singing in their own style. Amit also went on to reveal that the makers of Indian Idol 12 had asked him to praise every contestant and their performance since they were paying a tribute to Kishore Da. The singer also admitted that he went to the show for money.

Amit Kumar’s shocking revelation has undoubtedly unearthed the dark secrets of these so-called TV reality shows. Over the past few years, it has been observed that the Indian reality TV shows have reduced themselves to sob stories, romantic angles and on-stage rivalries. In a bid to be the first in the TRP race and making the show more and more ‘entertaining’ for consumers, the makers left no stone unturned to crucify the real talent on the stage.

And this is not the first time that Indian Idol 12 has been facing a major uproar on social media. From being biased towards Sawai Bhatt and showing Nachiket Lele the exit door to faking a love story between Pawandeep Rajan and Arunita Kanjilal, angry fans have been expressing their displeasure over the happenings on the singing reality show.

Two weeks ago, viewers had accused the makers of forcing Sawai Bhatt to share his ordeal on national television and leave everyone wondering whether Sawai will quit the show or not. Many people were of the opinion that the makers are faking poverty stories about contestants to gain sympathy votes.

There are several instances when Sayli Kamble was showed as a contestant who came from a poor family. Moreover, they showed how the daughter of an ambulance driver is trying to fulfill her dreams. Within no time, people started trolling Indian Idol 12 and its makers for promoting fake content to gain TRPs. They had said that a person sharing the stage with Suresh Wadkar will not be a petty person.

While the makers of Indian Idol 12 continue to remain tight-lipped and fail at addressing people’s queries and concerns about the show, they have given the viewers yet another reason not to take the show seriously.


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