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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th December 2023 Written Update: Armaan reveals the truth to Ruhi

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Armaan talking to Kaveri about the changes in Abhira’s life. He asks Kaveri to give Abhira a chance and says that she is his responsibility. However, Sanjay disagrees and believes that Abhira is not suitable for their family. He wants Armaan to cancel the marriage.

Armaan tells Kaveri that he never asked her for anything before, but now he is requesting her to let Abhira stay in their house. Armaan’s father thinks about a similar situation in the past where he couldn’t take a stand for his wife. He feels proud of Armaan for standing up for Abhira. Armaan asks Kaveri to give permission for Abhira to stay in their house.

Sanjay receives a message and wonders who is congratulating them after the wedding. Kaveri watches the news, and the media praises her for being liberal and accepting Abhira without considering her background. The media also looks at Armaan with disapproval. Vidya suggests that Kaveri should give permission to arrange Abhira’s Muh dhikai function as well. Kaveri agrees, but she feels that everything has gone out of their control.

Meanwhile, Abhira is studying, and Armaan brings noodles for her. She tells him that she isn’t hungry, but Armaan insists that she should eat since he can hear her stomach rumbling. Abhira eats the noodles and mentions that they remind her of her mother’s cooking. Armaan reveals that he had tasted the same noodles at her resort. Abhira asks if he has another bowl of noodles, and he brings it for her. She then asks him to eat it since he hasn’t eaten anything. Armaan sits beside her and says that he is used to sharing food in a joint family. Ruhi overhears their conversation and runs away. Armaan tries to convince Ruhi, but she doesn’t believe him.

Armaan explains to Ruhi that their marriage is an agreement and that Abhira will stay with him for a year. After that, they will get a divorce. He clarifies that they don’t want to be in a relationship but decided to stay together for a year until Abhira becomes a lawyer. They will just be roommates. Ruhi is concerned about their family’s reaction, but Armaan says that at least he has a family to be angry with him, unlike Abhira who lost her mother because of him. Armaan requests Ruhi not to reveal the truth to everyone in the family, but Kaveri is still trying to understand him.

Armaan tells Ruhi that Abhira is his responsibility, and he can handle the consequences of his actions. Ruhi asks him why he shared the truth with her if it would make her hate him. Armaan explains that he doesn’t have anyone else to share it with and asks Ruhi to be a friend to Abhira, who feels lonely in their house. He believes that Ruhi is a good person. Ruhi questions why she should help Abhira, and Armaan says that they don’t know the truth about her. Ruhi assures him that she will help.

Meanwhile, Abhira is studying and notices that the family members are watching her. She finds them strange. Manoj and Manisha ask the children why they are keeping a close watch on Abhira, but they leave when they see her. Meanwhile, Armaan hugs Vidya and apologizes to her. Vidya forgives him and says that she is his mother. She mentions that he didn’t marry Abhira out of love, but she will still participate in all the rituals.

Armaan thanks Vidya for making an effort for Abhira, but Vidya clarifies that she is doing it for him and not for Abhira. She admits that she doesn’t like Abhira, but if Armaan loved her, she would have accepted her wholeheartedly. Armaan assures Vidya that he will try to take responsibility for Abhira.

However, Abhira refuses to do the Muh dhikai function, citing the family’s insult towards her. She doesn’t want to face Dadi’s insults and refuses to go. Kaveri and Sanjay welcome the guests, and Vidya brings Ruhi along. They hear Abhira shouting, and the guests start gossiping about them, which embarrasses Kaveri.

In the precap, Abhira’s saree falls off, and Armaan protects her. Kaveri insults her.


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