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Pandya Store Upcoming Story: Amresh’s plan to destroy Natasha and Dhawal’s marriage

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Star Plus’s show Pandya Store these days is showing how Dhawal faced Amresh later demolishing Pandya Store, with Amresh confessing his fact, will Dhawal be capable to forgive his brother? Will Dhawal nonetheless make a selection Amresh over Natasha?

Within the earlier episode, Dhawal faced Amresh if he knew the abductors as they paintings with him and mentioned how he were given the signatures on record in accelerate . Dhawal applauds and says Amresh that that is one of these masterplan. Amresh bursts out pronouncing that that is all his plan.

Amresh questions Dhawal that he’s fearful about Suman’s condition however what if one thing occurs to him on account of the tension. He reminds Dhawal that they’re struggling loss with every pace being behind schedule and every brick in their home is in mortgage.

Dhawal says that he can not let Natasha crack additional. Amba slaps Dhawal and cries him shameless for forgetting what Amresh has accomplished for him. Dhawal sits isolated considering of Natasha’s allegations and her choice of dissolution. He thinks how shall be rectify the whole thing as one facet is Natasha and alternative facet Amresh.

Within the after episode, Natasha shall be escape Makwana space when Amba questions her the place she goes. Amresh will come there and say he had already mentioned her that she can not isolated Dhawal from him.

Dhawal will quit split-up papers to Natasha. To understand what’s going down upcoming keep tuned to this field for extra.


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