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Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 27th December 2023 Written Update: Kuldeep breaths his last.

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 27th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Rajwinder talking to the Commissioner of Police, who informs her that they will be visiting their place soon to conduct an investigation. Jarnail starts to worry if the police have found out about him. Hearing about the police investigation, he becomes concerned about his gun with his fingerprints and the pen drive that are at home. He decides to go home and handle the situation.

Rajwinder asks him to wait and calls Teji. She informs Teji about the investigation and asks her to go home with Jarnail. They look at Heer and label her as evil. They mention that she first wanted to ruin her elder brother’s life and now Kuldeep is in the hospital because of her. Heer sobs alone and remembers the moments of her marriage to Kuldeep. Heer’s sister-in-law consoles her and assures her that Kuldeep will recover soon and return home safely. She hugs Heer and advises her to stay strong.

Jarnail and Teji return home. Jarnail looks at the pen drive and realizes that he needs to hide it somewhere before the police arrive. Teji comforts him, saying that Kuldeep will be fine, and she starts crying. Jarnail asks her to wait at the door and inform him when the police arrive. Teji questions his request and suggests that they let the police come inside. Jarnail worries about hiding the items if Teji doesn’t leave the house. Teji notices that the black thread on Jarnail’s finger is missing and asks if he has been drinking again. Jarnail takes out the thread from his pocket and wears it again. He gets angry and accuses them of making fun of him. He warns Teji not to say anything about it. He pretends to have a stomachache and asks Teji to bring him a herbal drink. While Teji goes to the kitchen, Jarnail hides the items.

Ranjeet keeps it a secret that she was the real target tonight and not Kuldeep. The police arrive at the Atwal mansion and begin their investigation. Teji tells the police to search the premises. The inspector asks if they suspect anyone. Jarnail mentions that they have many enemies and threatens that if Kuldeep’s killer is not caught, he will ensure that the inspector loses his job. Jarnail requests the inspector to continue the investigation the next morning and they leave.

They return to the hospital and console Rajwinder. The doctor arrives and informs them that Kuldeep has regained consciousness and is out of danger. The doctor advises them not to stress or shock him. Everyone meets Kuldeep and wishes him a speedy recovery. When Jarnail shakes his hand and pretends to be concerned, Kuldeep recognizes his bracelet and realizes that Jarnail was the one who shot him. His condition worsens, and he starts breathing heavily before becoming quiet. The doctor examines him and sadly declares that he has passed away.

The episode ends.


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