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Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th December 2023 Written Update: Gazal seeks a wardboy help

Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Gazal pleading with Hina to believe her. Dua has shown her a fake video, but Gazal asks Hina to stop her drama and leave her house. Hina scolds Dua and defends herself, saying she shouldn’t be accused by her own daughter. Gulnaaz claims responsibility for the video, but Hina insists that Dua’s video is also true. This leads to a heated argument between them, with Dadi calling Hina a fool for accusing Gulnaaz unnecessarily. The inspector intervenes and acknowledges that AI technology can manipulate videos, but she needs time to determine the truth. Gazal agrees to take a test to prove that the video is fake and asks Hina not to leave the house for two days. Dua, however, accuses Gazal of threatening Hina’s life and wants her arrested. The inspector reminds Dua that there is no evidence to arrest Gazal and asks for two days to uncover the truth.

Gazal realizes she must finish her plan within the next two days. Haider initially objects to Gazal staying in the house, but Hina supports her. Dua pleads with Haider not to do anything that might stress Hina, as the doctor has advised against it. Meanwhile, as the guests prepare to leave, Dua stops them and requests their presence at the wedding. Gulnaaz apologizes to Dua for her mistake, and Dua consoles her, confident that the inspector will prove the video to be fake. Gazal, on the other hand, is determined to ruin their lives within the next two days.

The wedding ceremony begins, and Haider and Dua share a special moment together, reminiscing about their wedding and beautiful memories. Gazal watches them closely. Haider and Dua dance together, while Gazal receives a phone call from Eihchaaz, who assures her that he has done as she asked. Dua notices Gazal’s suspicious behavior when she looks around before leaving. Dua wonders what Gazal is planning now that she has escaped going to jail.

Gazal arrives at the hospital and anxiously asks a wardboy about her husband, Eihchaaz. She pleads with him to save Eihchaaz’s life, as she recalls how Haider provided his samples to the doctor. Meanwhile, Hina is enjoying herself dancing with family members, but Dua is preoccupied with thoughts of Gazal’s intentions. Gazal is taken to Eihchaaz’s bedside by a wardboy, and she creates a scene, pretending to cry. The wardboy sees through her act and mentions that she is only pretending. Gazal confesses that she ruined their lives by taking medicine to avoid pregnancy, and Eihchaaz’s mother is now trying to arrange his marriage with another woman.

Gazal emotionally pleads with the wardboy for help, claiming she cannot give an heir to Eihchaaz’s family and that their lives are ruined. She even threatens to kill herself. Eihchaaz tries to stop her and the wardboy refers to Gazal as his sister, assuring her that he will help her lead a happy life with Eihchaaz. Gazal insists that he must keep his promise. She is determined to give birth to Haider’s baby and ruin Dua’s life.

And that’s how the episode ends.


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