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Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story: Who will prove Arjun’s innocence?

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In the famous Star Plus series Yeh Hai Chahatein, Isha will inform Arjun that he can’t attend her wedding. Monty will stand by Isha’s choice, leading to a disappointed Arjun deciding to leave. Who will believe Arjun? Find out more below.

In the latest episode, Arjun attempts to speak with Kaashvi, but Aditya keeps interrupting. He daydreams about dancing with Kaashvi and receives a tissue paper from a waiter. Thinking Kaashvi is waiting for him in the storeroom, he goes there and praises her decision to divorce Aditya. Arjun confesses his love and hugs her, only to be pushed away and slapped by Isha. She drags him to the hall and exposes his actions to everyone.

Arjun defends himself, claiming it was a misunderstanding and he mistook someone else for Kaashvi. Romila suggests that Arjun assumed Kaashvi was in the storeroom. Aditya berates Romila, leading to an argument with Mahima. Isha’s mother cancels the wedding, but Kaashvi convinces her not to do so because of Arjun’s mistake. Later, Aditya reveals to Mahima how he manipulated Arjun by sending him and Isha to the storeroom, much to Mahima’s delight.

In the upcoming episode, Isha will forbid Arjun from attending her wedding, with Monty urging him to leave. Feeling untrusted, Arjun decides to depart.

Will Kaashvi have faith in Arjun? Will Isha reconsider her decision? All these queries will be addressed in the forthcoming episodes. Stay tuned to find out what unfolds next in your beloved show Yeh Hai Chahatein on


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