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Imlie 5th April 2024 Written Update: Imlie and Indira questions Surya.

Imlie 5th April 2024 Written Update on

The episode kicks off with Malti blaming Imlie for causing unhappiness between Surya and Anjali. Imlie confronts Malti, seeking the truth. Malti discloses to Imlie that she can see Surya’s love for Anjali.

Anjali questions the reason behind Surya marrying Imlie, suspecting external pressure. Malti accuses Imlie of making Surya fall in love with her, as Surya and Anjali were content before arriving in Purwaiya. Surya urges Malti to begin anew. Malti shows Imlie photos of Surya and Anjali, leaving Imlie in shock before she walks away. Surya questions Malti about showing the photos to Imlie, to which Malti denies and instructs her to return home with the driver. Anjali agrees with Malti, sensing Surya is concealing something about Imlie, leading Malti to decide to question Surya about his motives for marrying.

Imlie, seething with anger, walks away, only to be stopped by Surya, who admits his past love for Anjali but claims it is over. Imlie admonishes Surya for deceit and questions if Amma Ji knows about his past. Surya confesses he has not shared anything with Amma Ji. Imlie decides not to trust Surya anymore, refusing to bear the blame for ruining someone’s happiness. She demands to know what led Surya to marry her, prompting him to recall a promise made to Amma Ji. Imlie insists on hearing the truth, expressing her disappointment in Surya for not heeding her advice on their wedding day. Surya inquires why she was ready that day, leaving Imlie speechless. Meanwhile, Malti and Anjali return home.

The tension escalates as Hemlata questions Malti about the conflict between Surya and Imlie. Indira probes Malti about any events at the hospital. Upon the return of Imlie and Surya, Indira confronts Surya about his apparent unhappiness with Imlie. The family presses Surya for the truth, with Nirmala highlighting Amma Ji’s influence on Imlie’s actions.

Imlie defends her Amma Ji and urges Nirmala to question her son before making accusations. Indira implies Surya married Imlie out of pity, a sentiment shared by Imlie. Surya refutes these claims, acknowledging the hardships Imlie has faced. Indira persists in questioning Surya’s motives, prompting him to assert his decision. Imlie remains steadfast in her quest for the truth, despite Surya’s warnings of forthcoming hurt.

Nirmala and Malti discuss Imlie’s inquiries and Surya’s evasiveness, pondering how Surya fell in love with Imlie. They speculate that only Raghu holds the key to this mystery.

Imlie seeks Sonali’s insights on the relationship between Amma Ji and Surya that led to their marriage. Sonali suggests approaching Tripathi for more information, given his proximity to Surya. Imlie attempts to retrieve Surya’s phone discreetly, only to find herself being cradled by him in sleep.


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