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Jhanak Upcoming Story: Jhanak’s protest against Anirudhha?

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Star Plus TV series Jhanak is set to showcase an intriguing scene where Anirudhha proposes to his family his desire to organise Jhanak’s wedding ceremony in a lavish manner, surprising everyone with a maid’s marriage.

Aniruddha wishes to invite Jhanak’s colleagues to her wedding, but Arshi is displeased by Anirudhha’s unusual interest in Jhanak’s marriage.

In the latest episode, the elders of the household advise Anirudha against spending extravagantly on Jhanak’s wedding, but he remains firm in his decision. Jhanak points out that Anirudhha has been influential in her life, enforcing her to obey his every command.

Feeling like a pawn in Anirudhha’s experiment, Jhanak faces humiliation, yet Aniruddha remains resolute in his stance. Aniruddha, infuriated, leaves the house with Arshi to have a private conversation.

Arshi suspects that Anirudhha is envious of Jhanak and will miss her. She aims to resolve the conflict between Anirudhha and Jhanak permanently. Anirudhha tries to conceal his feelings for Jhanak by criticising her character.

In the upcoming episode, Jhanak experiences a strange emotion within herself. Although it was inevitable for her to eventually leave Anirudha’s home, she is taken aback by her own pain and anticipates the separation from Anirudhha.

All the lingering questions will be addressed in the forthcoming episodes, so stay tuned to Jhanak for more captivating updates!

Witness Jhanak’s struggles as she strives to carve out her place in the Mukherjee household.

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