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Pushpa Impossible Upcoming Story: Swara to get punished in school

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Sony SAB’s popular show Pushpa Impossible is currently showcasing an intriguing storyline where Rashi feels envious. Radha discloses to Pushpa what the doctor informed her, leading Pushpa to suggest that Radha walk two rounds around the Chawl. Saran also lends a helping hand to Radha. Observing Saran’s caring gestures towards Radha, Rashi becomes jealous.

Rashi notices Saran assisting Asha, further fueling her feelings of jealousy. Reflecting on this incident, Rashi questions her emotions and gazes at Saran’s pictures. When Prarthna enters Rashi’s room, she quickly shuts her laptop, arousing Prarthna’s suspicion.

In the upcoming episode, viewers can anticipate Deepti requesting Ashwin’s help to aid Swara with her homework. Ashwin, in turn, enlists Chirag’s assistance for Swara. Chirag then asks Prarthna to lend a hand to Swara. Unfortunately, Swara faces repercussions at school for not completing her maths homework.

As Swara falls ill and wets the bed, Pushpa and the family grow concerned, suspecting something may have transpired with Swara. The mystery of who is accountable for Swara’s punishment will soon unfold, providing answers to these pressing questions in the forthcoming episodes.

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