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Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 28th December 2023 Written Update: Ayesha opposes Avinash

Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 28th December 2023 Written Update on

In this episode, Sunil confides in Reeva about Raghav’s insult. Reeva questions whether Sunil is drunk, to which he grabs a bottle of alcohol and starts drinking. She reminds him that he should drink at the bar for the sake of their baby. However, Sunil becomes aggressive and strangles Reeva, claiming that she has no right to stop him. Reeva struggles to breathe.

Raghav remembers Pashminna’s words about Reeva eventually learning the truth about Sunil. He panics upon finding Atul unconscious and screams for help. Sunil releases Reeva upon hearing Raghav’s cry, and they both notice Atul’s condition. Sunil retreats to his room, and Reeva keeps his actions hidden from her family.

Fatima asks Pashminna if she still loves Raghav. Paras interrupts their conversation and hands Preeti’s medicine to Pashminna. Fatima suspects that Paras has feelings for Pashminna and believes it would be good if he likes her back. Meanwhile, Paras plans to deceive Pashminna.

Raghav splashes water on Atul’s face, causing him to wake up. Mohana questions whether Atul is drunk, but Raghav clarifies that he hasn’t been drinking. On the other hand, Kailash instructs Avinash to ensure that Raghav gives a statement in his favor during the ministry enquiry. He threatens to uncover Avinash’s past.

Raghav informs the doctor that Atul is a recovering alcoholic, and a nurse advises him to provide Atul’s details to a volunteer. Pashminna visits Raghav’s family, and Mohana commends her for her volunteer work. Pashminna manages to get Raghav’s signature and tells him that Atul will win because he is fighting for Raghav. Raghav leaves the room, and Pashminna assures Atul that he will get better.

The next day, Atul informs Avinash that he feels fine. Raghav introduces Atul and Dadi to Tahsildar, who claims that Atul’s signature is invalid due to his alcohol addiction. Pashminna defends Atul, stating that he has stopped drinking and wants to discuss the ministry enquiry. Tahsildar reveals that he received a letter about Atul from Pashminna. Avinash scolds her for her actions.

Raghav asks Tahsildar about the legal actions they can take. Tahsildar advises them to prove in court that Atul is no longer an alcoholic. Atul assures Tahsildar that he has quit drinking and believes Pashminna didn’t write the letter. Avinash realizes that his plan has failed.

Later, Ayesha questions Avinash about his behavior. He asks why she hasn’t discussed marriage with Raghav. Ayesha explains that she can’t force Raghav and fears losing him. She recalls Preeti’s words and believes that if Raghav is meant to be hers, he will return. Avinash wonders who taught her these principles as Ayesha walks away.

Atul confirms that Pashminna didn’t write the letter and resolves to find the real culprit.

The episode ends.

Precap – Raghav’s family moves to stay in Pashminna’s houseboat.


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