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Pushpa Impossible 28th December 2023 Written Update: Bapodara gives a choice to Prathna

Pushpa Impossible 28th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode begins with Prathna expressing her dissatisfaction to Bapodara about his unfair actions. Bapodara reminds her of the wrongdoings of Susheela and Prathna when they went against him, emphasizing that their actions were also unfair.

Meanwhile, the doctor informs Manish, Sonal, and Pushpa that Deepti will need to undergo an operation due to fibroids. The doctor further explains that this operation may prevent Deepti from becoming a mother in the future. Manish agrees to the operation, and the doctor mentions that they also need Deepti’s husband’s consent. Pushpa, being Deepti’s mother-in-law, willingly gives her consent, which the doctor accepts.

Susheela discusses with Bapodara how she gave her jewelry to Pushpa, but Pushpa refused to accept it. Susheela requests Bapodara not to take his anger out on Pushpa. However, Bapodara dismisses their concerns and declares that he will vent his anger on Pushpa’s family.

Deepti, worried about Ashwin’s whereabouts, asks Pushpa about his location. Pushpa assures her that Ashwin will be there soon and advises Deepti not to worry.

Pushpa calls Chirag and asks if he has found Ashwin. Unfortunately, Chirag hasn’t had any luck. Pushpa instructs Chirag to check the hotel Ashwin usually frequents, and Chirag agrees.

Meanwhile, at the hotel, Ashwin hands his phone to a waiter for charging. Later, Ashwin remembers something important and hurriedly leaves the hotel. However, Chirag and Bhaskar are unable to find Ashwin when they arrive at the hotel.

Prathna informs Bapodara that if he forces Pushpa’s family to leave the Chawl, she will have to leave too. Bapodara suggests that Susheela needs to testify that she gave the jewelry as dowry, allowing them to file a dowry case against Pushpa’s family. Alternatively, Bapodara proposes that Prathna signs the divorce papers.

The doctor delivers good news, stating that the surgery was successful, and Deepti’s ovaries were preserved, ensuring that she won’t face any difficulties conceiving in the future. Deepti’s parents breathe a sigh of relief upon hearing this.

Ashwin, sitting on a bench, suddenly remembers that he left his phone at the hotel. The next day, Ashwin retrieves his phone from the hotel and reads a message informing him that Deepti has been hospitalized.

Rushing to the hospital, Ashwin approaches Manish and Sonal, seeking an explanation for Deepti’s sudden hospitalization. Sonal slaps Ashwin and demands that he stay away from her. Manish expresses his disappointment in Ashwin, highlighting that Deepti needed him the most, but he wasn’t there for her. Ashwin realizes that he has failed Deepti.

Ashwin approaches the doctor to inquire about the operation and Deepti’s condition. The doctor reproaches Ashwin, stating that he should have been present during the critical operation.

Ashwin pleads with the nurse to allow him to see Deepti, and the nurse grants his request. Ashwin apologizes to Deepti for not being there when she needed him.

The episode concludes with a preview of Ashwin apologizing to Deepti, who insists on getting a divorce. Pushpa is devastated upon hearing this news from Deepti.


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