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Dhruv Tara 28th December 2023 Written Update: Shaurya is lost in jungle

Dhruv Tara 28th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Rajmata questioning Bhavosa about why she separated Shaurya from his parents. Rajmata blames Bhavosa for Shaurya’s suffering and tells her that she never considered Surya as her own son because he is her stepson. This angers Bhavosa, who pulls out her sword and threatens Rajmata. Bhavosa claims that Surya means more to her than her own son. Rajmata, being a warrior, takes up the challenge and tells Bhavosa that she is ready to fight. The two women prepare for their battle.

Meenakshi expresses her concern to Dhruv about Shaurya and how he stayed up all night taking care of him. Meenakshi questions Dhruv about his actions towards Shaurya, and he explains that he did it out of humanity and because Shaurya has captured his heart. Meenakshi agrees that injustice has been done to Shaurya and encourages Dhruv to discuss it with Bhavosa. She assures him that she will take care of Shaurya in the meantime. However, Dhruv notices that two swords are missing and realizes that Meenakshi has left Shaurya alone in the room.

Meanwhile, Bheera learns that Bhavosa and Rajmata are fighting in the jungle. He sees this as an opportunity to kill Shaurya and cause pain to everyone. Shaurya wakes up from a dream and overhears Bheera’s plan. He decides to stop Bhavosa and Rajmata from fighting.

Surya also senses that Shaurya is in danger and seeks Dhruv’s help to find him. They discover that Shaurya might be in the jungle. Shaurya arrives in the jungle to intervene in the fight between Bhavosa and Rajmata.

Tara, too, feels that Shaurya is in danger and learns about the ongoing fight. She informs Sukanya about Shaurya’s disappearance and the fight between Bhavosa and Rajmata.

As Shaurya tries to stop the fight, Bheera orders his soldiers to push a large rock towards Shaurya, intending to kill him. Dhruv and Surya call out to Shaurya, warning him about the incoming rock. However, Bhavosa and Rajmata continue to fight, unaware of the danger. Dhruv rushes to save Shaurya, but the rock hits him, and he falls unconscious. Surya panics, but Dhruv manages to wake him up and informs him that Shaurya needs immediate medical attention.

Tara sees Shaurya’s severe injuries and blames herself for separating him from his family. She takes Shaurya to the vaidyala for treatment, while Surya and Tara cry over his condition. Tara tries to wake Shaurya up, urging him to open his eyes as his mother will treat him.

Rajmata and Bhavosa are distraught and praying for Shaurya’s well-being.

During the treatment, Tara discovers that Shaurya’s condition is deteriorating. Surya asks Tara what is happening, and she reveals that Shaurya’s brain has stopped functioning, making his chances of survival slim. Surya is shocked by this news.

In the precap, Dhruv informs Tara that Shaurya needs to be treated within 24 hours, and even if he survives, he may lose his eyesight. Surya pleads with the vaidh to save Shaurya, but they refuse because they are unfamiliar with the treatment. Tara begs Dhruv to save Shaurya, but he hesitates, fearing that his identity as her husband will be revealed if he performs the treatment.


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